Technological innovation

In the digital world, disruptive innovation is increasingly fast. We are witnessing the transformation of entire industries: players who once were market leaders see the ground disappearing beneath their feet in the seismic shift of competition.

In this context, companies must boost their innovative machineries to stay ahead of the curve and respond to the disruptive changes happening in the market. Companies need to incorporate strategic innovation in their business model as a key activity. To do so, they must structure themselves differently, design flexible innovation processes, incorporate innovation in their strategic reflection processes and empower their collaborators to boost their innovative capacity.

In the last 10 years at Seidor, we have been following through on our clear commitment to the integration of organisations in their business processes, with technological innovation as a differentiating and empowering force for increasing productivity in their companies.

To summarise, we are specialists in converting organisations into innovative enterprises prepared to compete in an increasingly global and changing environment.

value proposition

strengthen innovation


Design organisational models that strengthen strategic innovation 



Build collaborative processes of open innovation 



Establish indicators and processes to measure the return on innovative activity



We have helped companies in all sectors boost their innovation processes


We have extensive technological knowledge from our experience in implementing technological solutions


We have an innovation and technological research centre that develops projects related to emerging technologies

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