May 10, 2024

Real examples of green technology

Green technology: Sustainable innovation for a better future

The term Green Technology refers to the use of technology and science to reduce harm to the environment.

Applying this approach to technology has many benefits. The clearest and most fundamental is preserving the habitability conditions of our planet. In addition to positively impacting society's reputation, employee motivation, customer loyalty... Even investors who are starting to take sustainability criteria into account. Since it is a topic that interests everyone.

At SEIDOR we believe that technology can be a lever for change towards a better and more sustainable world, and for this reason we are able to create the best business solutions that also reduce the carbon footprint.

Use cases of Green Technology

Sensors, the Internet of Things (IoT), the cloud, and artificial intelligence (AI) can improve operational efficiency and energy management in all sectors and promote the adoption of best practices among users. We're not saying this: it is one of the research lines of the IPCC - the panel of climate change experts linked to the UN - as revealed in its report on how to mitigate climate change published last April after years of work.

Use cases of Green Technology well known at SEIDOR include technology based on IoT and data, the implementation of user awareness applications and campaigns, and architecture optimization.

  • Improve sustainability with IoT

Through the sensorization of the physical world, we achieve improved decision-making for the benefit of efficiency and the environment. At SEIDOR, we have achieved this in projects such as AMB-ZBE and Sentilo.

IoT changes the way organizations manage their assets: from reactive to proactive, with real-time tracking and AI-driven decision-making. It involves an improvement in efficiency, productivity, and transparency in the relationship between organizations, citizens, and stakeholders.

  • Concienciar al usuario final

We promote environmental awareness and responsible energy use by end users through the development of IoT-based applications for clients such as Circutor (Wibeee app) and the Generalitat de Catalunya (AireCat app) and Contigo Energía.

And through our digital agency Fail Fast, we carry out campaigns to facilitate the adoption of environmental protection measures, as we have done in the implementation of the Low Emission Zone in Ciudad Real.

  • Optimize the architecture

We build cloud-native applications and services with a platform as a service (PaaS) mindset, using a software-defined modular architecture with modern microservices designed specifically to empower not only computational efficiency but also rapid and efficient scaling. This is how we did it, for example, at Fira de Barcelona.

Here public cloud providers are true allies for Green Technology: they not only provide components for the implementation of serverless and highly scalable solutions, but also strive for sustainability and have commitments to achieve net zero in the coming years, as is the case with our partners AWS and Microsoft.

In addition, both provide us with a carbon emissions calculator associated with AWS and Azure services. Therefore, cloud architecture teams can promote sustainability and provide information about it, as they now have the ability to quantify the impact on the carbon level of workloads in the cloud of their architectures and in the region of a selected data center, with information also on emissions savings compared to an on-premise data center.

These data are crucial to understand current emissions, which components and regions generate more or less, and are the first step to establish the foundations and promote continuous improvement in carbon reduction by cloud architecture teams.

Sustainability Calculator


We have just seen how technology can help reduce the footprint of organizations. But not just any technology will do, nor will any approach to its implementation. Do not hesitate to contact us if you need to use technology as a lever to make a positive contribution to the environment.

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