Junta de Andalucía

April 17, 2024

SEIDOR will train 320 people in SAP technology as part of a program promoted by la Junta de Andalucía

  • The technology consultancy firm, SEIDOR, in partnership with Avante Formación, will deliver courses in SAP Logistics and Programming in the eight provinces of Andalusia.
  • SEIDOR and Avante Formación will provide the teaching staff and all necessary resources for the courses, including classrooms and equipment, which grant access to official SAP certification, one of the most recognized in the industry.
  • La Junta has invested a total of 2.44 million euros in the SAP technology training plan, an area of ​​activity with nearly 100% employability.

Sevilla, April 16, 2024 - SEIDOR, a consultancy specialized in technology solutions and services, in collaboration with Avante Formación, will execute a training plan for 320 people in SAP technology, driven by la Junta de Andalucía, after being awarded the majority of the tender by the Andalusian administration.

The training provided by SEIDOR and Avante Formación will cover the fields of SAP Logistics and Programming, a leading global enterprise management system that is currently one of the most demanded job profiles by the Andalusian and national productive sectors. The training will be conducted in-person and will cover the eight provinces of Andalusia, with a duration of between 270 and 300 teaching hours.

The entire SAP technology training plan, in which la Consejería has invested a total of 2.44 million euros, is primarily focused on unemployed individuals, although it is also open to active workers who wish to acquire new knowledge.

The plan was recently presented by the councilor, Rocío Blanco, at an event attended by SEIDOR's Public Sector Director, Joan Ramon Barrera; along with SAP Spain's Public Sector and Banking Director, Izaskun Ramos; and the General Director of the Association of SAP Users in Spain, Ignacio Cantillana.

In this regard, Joan Ramon Barrera, SEIDOR's public sector director, pointed out that "SEIDOR has always had a close relationship with Andalusia, where we have had a presence for more than 20 years, focusing on wealth creation by contributing our expertise and capabilities to increase the competitiveness of its business fabric and create quality employment."

Meanwhile, councilor Blanco confirmed that "training is the most effective active employment policy to bring people closer to stable and quality employment," since, in the case of SAP technology, students who complete these courses have almost 100% employability prospects. It is worth noting that SAP software is implemented in 95% of the large companies listed on the IBEX 35, and 80% of the companies that use it are SMEs.

Por su parte, la consejera Blanco ha confirmado que “la formación es la política activa de empleo más eficaz para acercar a las personas hacia un empleo estable y de calidad” ya que, en el caso de la tecnología SAP, los alumnos que superen estos cursos cuentan con unas expectativas de empleabilidad de casi el 100%. Hay que recordar que el software SAP está implantado en el 95% de las grandes compañías del Íbex 35, y el 80% de las empresas que lo utilizan son pymes.

During her intervention, Izaskun Ramos stated that "we are convinced that this training plan by the Ministry of Employment will increase employability, guaranteeing stable and quality employment, and harness the region's potential to make Andalusia a benchmark in technological training."

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