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Report The Value of Digital Supply Chain Planning

21 June 2021

Report: The Value of Digital Supply Chain Planning

Organisations of all sizes now appreciate and understand that makeshift supply chain planning tools are not up to the job. That’s why having the right digital supply chain planning tools across your organisation is essential.

In this paper, two of SAP’s leading supply chain experts discuss how affordable cloud-based solutions allow SMEs to leverage new software to compete with larger rivals.

Deploying digital supply chain tools that deliver long-term benefits – plus a fast ROI – is not out of reach for growing organisations. They have never been more accessible – or affordable.

The challenges that organisations have with their supply chains are common. Issues have been amplified during the Covid-19 pandemic, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be solved with the right solutions. If you can accurately demand forecast, avoid stock-outs of key supply chain components, and plan sales and operational tasks in one solution, then you’re on to a winning formula.

Supply Chain Success

A recent survey completed by IDC found that demand and supply chain planning was one of the key drivers for business success. There’s no doubt that having the right tools in place assists organisations in hitting their targets and keeping their customers happy.

When the correct system is in place, the survey found one key benefit: the acceleration of the order-to-cash process. Cash is king in any type of business. Not only do digital supply chain planning tools provide cash flow predictability, but they also drive standards of customer satisfaction and experience. And we all know that happy customers turn into return ones.

Historically, one of the most significant issues with supply chain management and planning has been a lack of transparency. But by leveraging modern technology, organisations can now provide accurate and real-time updates to customers on goods and their expected delivery times. It’s the perfect scenario organisations have been trying to achieve for decades.

Are you ready to digitalise your supply chain planning tools? Download a brochure here to learn more about our digital supply chain tools, or get in touch with one of our team on 01932 212 777 to find out more.

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