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SAP Business ByDesign Roadmap 2022: Sustainability | Innovation | Integration

08 June 2022

SAP Business ByDesign Roadmap 2022: Sustainability | Innovation | Integration

SAP will focus on three core areas in 2022 as part of its roadmap for SAP Business ByDesign.

In his annual review, Senior Vice President, Head of SAP Midmarket Product Management, Rainer Zinow, revealed that innovation, integration, and sustainability are all high on this year's agenda.

After another impressive year of growth, SAP Business ByDesign is now used by more than 11,000 organisations in over 155 countries. That represents a year-on-year growth rate of around 33%.


Zinow explained that SAP works closely with partners on new developments for the popular SaaS platform. Last year, SAP received 1,625 requests for new developments from partners.

These include new features for Customer Consignment, OCR for supplier invoicing, predictive analytics utilising the SAP HANA database, and MS Teams collaborations in sales, projects and analytics. New e-commerce integration is also planned by SAP, as are plans to integrate Microsoft Outlook and Excel into ByD.


“Sustainability is high on our priority list,” said Zinow. “We want to have an application that can track, optimise and disclose the carbon footprint of your company.”

“To do this, we built a solution we call Business Ecology Management, and we built it on Business Technology Platform,” he added.

The ecology management tool replicates master data stored in ByD, records emission details, calculates emissions and then automatically analyses an organisation’s footprint. Finally, the solution optimises and discloses data for organisations to analyse emissions against any targets.

Zinow confirmed that an update on the new developments would be provided at the SAP SMB Innovation Summits.

SAP Business ByDesign Roadmap

Explore further about what’s planned for SAP Business ByDesign and download the official SAP Business ByDesign Roadmap, which includes:

Product Overview

  • SAP Business ByDesign – Functional overview
  • Key trends, customer needs, and value proposition
  • The Intelligent Enterprise

Vision and Direction

  • SAP Business ByDesign – Proven public cloud ERP suite
  • High-level product trends

Product Road Map

  • Recent innovations
  • Planned innovations
  • Product direction

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