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SAP Business One Basics Part 2

10 May 2021

SAP Business One Basics - Part 2

In the first article of our series looking at SAP Business One basics, we answered some of the most common questions about this popular ERP solution. It is no coincidence that SAP Business One continues to be one of the market leading solutions chosen by SMEs thanks to its range of functionality, hosting options and attractive pricing.

In this article, we're going to take a look at some of the key financial, reporting and data management features and functionality that make users’ jobs easier. As a feature-rich, end-to-end solution, if your business needs it, SAP Business One has it – and more.

Accounting in SAP Business One

Most companies move to SAP Business One from basic financial packages. SAP Business One includes a comprehensive selection of accounting and financial tools to help you manage your money more professionally. With Business One, you can manage chart of accounts; control and track incoming, outgoing and deferred payments; and generate financial reports to consolidate month-end closing.

Budgets in SAP Business One

Stay on top of finances using the budget tool in SAP Business One. Users can easily track and manage expenses using data entered into SAP. Budget management tools also offer a number of pre-defined scenarios that illustrate optimistic or pessimistic outcomes in order to plan for best or worst cases.

Dimensions in SAP Business One

The dimensions tool in SAP is another handy feature within the accounting and financials module. The functionality provides users with multiple views of an expense and revenue analysis that provides real-time updates into different departments. It’s ideal for drilling down into the expenditure of different teams, viewing profit or loss margins, and discovering where you can save costs.

Reporting in SAP Business One

Reporting is an area that SAP Business One is particularly strong. Users can generate accurate reports into several different popular formats, export data into Excel spreadsheets, PDFs or email them to colleagues for analysis. Then there’s the XL Reporter tool to generate important managerial reports that include your preferred KPIs. SAP Business One also includes Crystal Reports functionality that allows you to customise layouts and templates as required. You can also create a series of real-time dashboards for any organisation requiring instant performance indicators.

Queries in SAP Business One

As well as your standard SAP reports, users can generate queries for any ad-hoc information gathering. Queries can quickly display data held within the system and configured to include alerts, approval procedures and user-defined fields. SAP has recently simplified the creation of even the most complex queries with a wizard tool when creating reports or drag-and-drop functionality when creating customised dashboards. This really empowers users, who no longer require in-depth knowledge of the solution to create queries – or to contact a helpdesk every time they need a new report or dashboard.

DTW in SAP Business One

Although SAP Business One contains a centralised database to store and manage data, there will be times that you'll need to import new information into the system. This is where the data transfer workbench (DTW) tool comes in handy. To avoid bad data being imported, there are several DTW templates that users can select when transferring information into their solution.

Want to find out more about some of the core functionality in SAP Business One? Arrange a demo today with one of our product experts and see how you can transform the way your SME works with our affordable innovation.

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