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transparency and traceability in SAP Business one

08 November 2021

Traceability & The ‘Golden Thread’ in SAP Business One

Stay Compliant With SAP Business One

It has never been more important for organisations – especially manufacturing firms serving the building industry – to provide clear and accurate traceability using digital tools. On the back of the Grenfell fire, companies will be expected to create and maintain the ‘golden thread’ under new Government proposals. While this added emphasis of traceability will likely make legacy or outdated manufacturing systems redundant, SAP Business One is able to assist your business in staying compliant with this new legislation.

SAP Business One is an all-in-one system used by manufacturing firms across the globe. Not only does the system integrate a range of sales, servicing, production and finance tools, but it also includes tools to transform the way your company captures lot tracking and traceability footprints. The system simplifies the tracking of materials or items from the initial procurement stages through the delivery of end products – plus all of your production processes in between.

Batch & Serial Number Management

With SAP Business One you can get really granular with your inventory to easily identify different materials or items. The system supports both serial and batch number management and you can easily assign different numbers to items that are received from vendors for greater traceability and transparency. When required, users can simply draw items from available batches with stock adjustments updated in real-time. For greater accuracy and to remove human error, SAP Business One has barcode scanning features, as well as advanced WMS functionality so there’s never any confusion over materials handling or location.

Backwards/Forwards Traceability Reports

To limit the liability of your organisation and to protect your customers, having clear insight into the entire lifecycle of materials that are part of your supply chain is now crucial. The Government's new proposals have caused a shift in mindset for organisations. Companies can no longer think of items entering its supply chains as the start of its lifecycle. Having the ability to create detailed backwards/forwards traceability reports helps to identify and track the genealogy of products from beginning to end.

Relationship Mapping

Because everything is integrated in SAP Business One and data is managed from a centralised database, the system is able to provide full visibility into the status of sales and production orders. Using the solution’s integrated relationship mapping tool, users can drill down into sales orders to check details on products and customer requirements and then view the subsequent delivery receipt. Even if deliveries are split, they will still be linked back to the original sales order to quickly and easily trace goods.

Want to make sure your business is protected and is fully compliant with new manufacturing legislation? Find out more about working with Seidor and SAP Business One to maintain the Golden Thread in your company.