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We're driving the transformation of the sector with a focus on accessibility and experience of the digital patient

The healthcare sector is immersed in a period of major technological change that is accelerating the process of transformation and adoption of new technologies. The economic and social environment requires organisations to face major challenges head on, including some that are quite significant:

The ageing of the population, the increasingly chronic nature of diseases, the lack of ICT knowledge in professionals and patients and the adaptation to new habits of the digital patient.

These challenges compromise the economic sustainability of the system. New medicine uses the digital patient as a reference to build a new model based on the 7 Ps.

The healthcare service provision model must be reformulated to respond to the traditional healthcare system and its ongoing evolution.

Challenges of the sector


End-to-end management of the patient


Improved remote patient management


Technology adoption (Big data, prediction tools, robotics, IoT)


Digital Transformation. Innovation focused on a digital approach to the patient

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