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SAP Business One

One of the world's most popular Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solutions. Available either on-premise or hosted in the cloud, SAP Business One provides affordable innovation for any SME. Get all of the tools your business needs in this all-in-one application.

A single, end-to-end, affordable ERP Software Solution to help manage every aspect of a growing small business. Bring your business closer together with this popular Enterprise Solution. As a leading SAP Platinum Partner, SEIDOR leads the way when it comes to SAP Business One.

SEIDOR is officially SAP's No.1 SAP Business One Partner. With 1000s of customers globally and 100s of certified professionals, we are the world's largest B1 Partner globally and the winner of SAP's Pinnacle Award 2022.

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SAP Business One has all the tools you need to manage every aspect of your business. This market-leading ERP Software covers all bases, including financials, sales, service, inventory and production management features, plus much more.

Bring your SME together

Reduce human error, manual data entry and streamline all your critical business tasks. Store and manage your data within this centralised ERP Solution to simplify operations by automating essential tasks. The result is improved productivity, greater efficiency and ultimately more significant profits.

Instantly boost productivity
SAP Business One Version 10 web client
SAP Business One

More than 1,200,000 people use SAP Business One each day to manage core activities. Why? Because of its flexibility. Leverage the power of SAP Business One's core tools, or create a customised ERP Solution based on your business requirements from the 500+ applications within the B1 eco-system.

Create the perfect ERP for your SME

What's suitable for your SME? Whether it's on-premise, in the cloud, or a hybrid model, we've got the perfect hosting platform for your business. Unsure what's right for your business? No problem. Speak to one of our SAP Business One experts today to discuss your options or specific requirements.

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SAP Business One

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Arrange a tailored quotation based on your business requirements and download our range of official product resources

SAP Business One Intro Pack

Find out everything there is to know about SAP Business One. Download our exclusive SAP Business One Intro Pack today. Including the official SAP Business One Solution Guide, SEIDOR & SAP B1 e-book, Customer Testimonial Booklet and SAP Business One License Guide.

SAP Business One Functionality

SAP Business One Accounts & Financials

Accounts & Financials

Use integrated accounting, sales and purchasing data to improve profit margins and reduce errors. SAP Business One enables you to make more informed and more profitable decisions.

Cloud Scalability

Sales & CRM

Quickly access and update customer data with marketing campaign management tools, lead tracking and post-sale support, all integrated within SAP Business One.

Cloud Pricing

Warehouse & Production

Access real-time data across your warehouses to optimise stock management to maximise production outputs. Turn your goods in bay digital to eliminate human errors and stock takes.

Cloud Uptime

Purchasing & Procurement

Optimise order creations and streamline purchasing processes. Select the most cost-effective vendor and improve your invoicing and payments processes.

Cloud geo locations

Reporting & Analytics

Get a 360⁰ view of real-time data and insight across your SME. Use innovative Business Intelligence tools, analytics and reporting features to make more informed decisions.

Cloud Security

Project Management

Control critical projects from start to finish with the ability to allocate resources, monitor and track key tasks, and store milestones documentation and transactions within a single, integrated system.

Find Out More About SAP Business One

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