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SAP Business One e-Commerce Integration


e-Commerce Integration for SAP Business One

Create a multi-channel e-Commerce and digital ordering platform powered by SAP. Open up new online marketplace opportunities with real-time integration back into your solution with this out-of-the-box integration.

Build fully-integrated, personalised e-commerce experiences

Deploy a fully scalable multi-channel e-Commerce solution that seamlessly integrates with SAP Business One and provides real-time updates into your system.

Take your business online 24/7 and open up new opportunities by creating an omnichannel experience for your customers to boost online sales. Use our e-Commerce integration for SAP Business One and extend your online sales capabilities with B2B portals, B2C websites, mobile and customer apps and omnichannel sales functionality all available.

Now your business can maximise commercial opportunities online using this secure cloud platform. Future-proof your business and launch multiple digital ordering products from a single solution that helps you grow your business.

SAP Business One ecommerce integration

Helping Businesses Sell Smarter Online

This out-of-the-box e-Commerce solution has been built by a team of award-winning developers. The integration is already used by 100s of forward-thinking SMEs searching for an innovative online solution that integrates into SAP Business One.

What's included:

A single cloud platform for all of your e-Commerce and mobile app needs

Best-in-class e-Commerce technology for B2B or B2C customers

Dedicated mobile apps for field sales, van sales and customers

Instant updates directly into SAP Business One

Fully supported solution by in-house experts

Stay ahead of competitors with new features constantly released

e-Commerce Integration for SAP

Take your business online 24/7 and receive orders directly into your SAP Business One. Integrate your solution with our scalable e-Commerce platform and empower customers with quick, 24/7 live order functionality and convenient, easy repeat ordering.

Not only will you improve customer service and the sales experience across any device, but your business will finally be capable of accepting orders from different marketplaces in multiple languages, time zones and currencies.

Creating an omnichannel experience with SEIDOR helps to save your business time and money and streamlines the order-to-cash process by reducing complexities within SMEs.

Find out more about SAP Business One e-Commerce Integration

Download an Aphix solution guide to learn more about connecting an online digital marketplace with SAP Business One.

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