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SAP Business One Licensing & Cost

Find out more about the different SAP Business One license types and how much these cost. Use our online quotation tool to get an estimate in minutes based on your requirements. Get started below.



Think SAP Business One is too expenses? Think again...

Find out more about the different license types available within the system and arrange an online quotation below based on your business requirements.

To use SAP Business One, every user requires a license. This helps allocate different authorisations to selected users. Important company data is stored within each system, meaning users are fully trained and understand how the application works.

SAP Business One Licenses
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SAP Business One
SAP Business One

There are four main license types in SAP Business One: Professional; Limited Financial; Limited CRM; Limited Logistics. A professional license provides full access to SAP with limited alternatives providing role-based functionality to reduce overall costs.

Different License Types
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The price of each solution is dependent on the number of licenses - and their type - that your business needs. Professional licenses cost more than Limited, although there's access to hundreds of different tools.

License Costs
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SAP Business One
SAP Business One Basics Part 2

In addition to the initial licensing costs, organisations also require a current support and maintenance contract with their vendor. This provides access to SAP support consultants who are are hand to offer assistance with any issues and maintain the health of your ERP.

Support & Maintenance
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Get A SAP Business One Quote In Minutes

Use our handy online SAP Business One quotation tool and we'll let you know how much it'll cost to get up and running with this popular ERP application. Provide us with as much information as possible on what you think you need, and we'll generate an estimate based on your requirements.

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