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SAP Concur


SAP Concur

SAP Concur helps you to manage business expenses, plan and control travel arrangements and process invoices from a single, integrated solution.

Expense management made easy. Control and track spending across your business to run more efficiently with SAP Concur.

Automate and improve key expense management processes to give your accounts greater clarity and control over expenses. The Concur mobile app uses artificial intelligence to send accurate data back to your finance team. This streamlines reimbursement with stakeholders having real-time expense data.

Concur Expense
Capture. Submit. Approve.
SAP Concur
SAP Concur

Stay on top of costs by integrating travel and expense data into one system. Users can quickly search for flights, hotels or car hire options to find the most cost-effective and convenient travel arrangements. These powerful planning tools guarantee users stay compliant with company guidelines and that managers have approval rights.

Concur Travel
Manage bookings your way

Reduce time spent processing supplier invoices by up to 75% with SAP Concur. Take your invoice management to the next level by automatically capturing and processing supplier invoices from anywhere. Control spending, and cash flow, remove time-consuming data tasks and reduce time spent chasing managerial approvals.

Concur AP Invoice Automation
Capture supplier invoices. Anywhere.
SAP Concur

Expense Management Software For Every Type Of Organisation

SAP Concur is an essential expense management application for organisations seeking greater control over costs and cash flow. By tracking and automating critical tasks digitally, you'll never need to use a spreadsheet again or have a pocket full of receipts. Download a brochure or speak with one of our SAP Concur experts

SAP Concur Benefits

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Deploy a single solution that automates travel management, expense and AP invoicing to gain greater transparency and control over your business's monthly spending.

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Drill down into different expense management categories to get accurate insight into expense-related outgoings. Make smarter, data-driven decisions on how best to manage costs or to negotiate better deals with suppliers.

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Finally, you can throw away all those paper receipts when you're travelling for business. Users simply capture receipts via the mobile app with Artificial Intelligence identifying key expense data back in SAP Concur.



Your accounts team will no longer have to wait until month end to receive expenses. Concur provides a single source of company-wide expenses in real time. Track levels of spending before, during and after they happen.

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What you do with all of those hours you'll save processing and calculating invoices or planning business trips is up to you. SAP Concur helps your team to focus on what's most important to your business.