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Seidor Clarity

An affordable Business Intelligence platform designed by Seidor exclusively for SAP Business One users. Do more with your data held in SAP with this essential reporting add-on.

Bring greater accuracy, insight and transparency into your SME with Seidor Clarity.

Use this out-of-the-box business intelligence platform has been designed specifically for SAP Business One users. The application offers a suite of real-time, interactive reports to delve deeper into your data in a cost-effective platform.

Seidor Clarity works with any type of SQL or SAP HANA implementation. The solution uses data stored within SAP Business One and is able to generate reports either in SAP, within a customisable web portal, on any mobile device, or within applications such as Microsoft Sharepoint or Teams.

With a fast implementation and a low-cost monthly subscription model, Seidor Clarity is an essential business intelligence tool to track and identify trends and opportunities across key areas of your business. The solution provides a variety of reports and graphs to help SAP Business One users gain granular insight into their finances, sales, customers and inventory.

Seidor Clarity

The Benefits Of Seidor Clarity

Seidor Clarity has been designed by our team of SAP Business One experts to provide an interactive suite of reporting tools - regardless of your type or size of business.

Here's some of the main benefits users can enjoy:

  • Consolidate reports from several different databases at once
  • Generate reports in local or reporting currency
  • Unlock fresh ways of understanding and analysing data sets
  • Share reports across multiple platforms
  • Deliver accurate reports when requested by key stakeholders

After the initial deployment fee, Seidor Clarity uses a low-cost pricing model, based on your number of users with charges including a monthly subscription, on-going product and end-user support from Seidor’s award-winning team, and licensing and hosting fees.

Seidor Clarity Advanced Features

In addition to the core suite of out-of-the-box reports, SAP Business One users can also choose to customise their Seidor Clarity solution with a range of enhanced functionality.

Email Subscription

Email important reports to your key stakeholders on a time and schedule that is required. Specific report pages, or all report pages, can be emailed to as many contacts as you like at any suitable time. This helps line managers or those away from the office to stay in touch with activities and performance without having to log into the SAP or the Seidor Clarity online portal.

Branded Reports Portal

Incorporate your company branding into Seidor Clarity. Add your corporate identity with any specific logos or colours to match your brand. Users can even add their own customer URL to access the web portal – a handy feature for organisations who want to give their remote teams an easy to remember web address to check progress.

Self-Service Business Intelligence

An ideal add-on for end-users who love working with Excel. Analyse raw data and use formulations from Seidor Clarity to create pivot tables and data extracts directly into spreadsheets. The self-service BI tool also lets users create their own custom reports or graphs.

All of the add-ons above are based on an additional monthly subscription fee. Please get in contact with one of our team today to find out more about pricing.

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