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Simplify your data in this highly flexible, out-of-the-box business intelligent platform. Use Sharperlight for SAP Business One to turn your data into intelligent information that can power better decisions across your organisation.

Turn the data stored in your SAP Business One solution into a series of reports or dashboards that help you simplify and understand what’s going on across your organisation.

This business intelligence (BI) platform seamlessly integrates into SAP Business One and providers uses with a variety of dashboards containing real-time data, customised report packs and a powerful engine and integration framework that delivers simplified intelligence at the click of a button.

This turn-key solution has been designed to work for any type of business working across all industries. Designed specifically and aimed at the varying needs of growing SMEs, Sharperlight contains a brand range of features, such as Web Reporting and Query Builder, that aim to enhance productivity in any organisation.

Alongside the customised range of dashboards and reports, Sharperlight is the only application in its class that delivers affordable BI tools with the ability to write back into SAP Business One within a secure environment over the web and within Excel.


Enterprise Reporting in Sharperlight

Sharperlight uses a unique bi-directional writeback system. This allows users to freely share data between different locations that is updated and validated instantly via the tool’s intuitive data entry and reporting interface.

This low maintenance tool allows for the rapid and easy creation of reports and dashboards. These can be published quickly and easily distributed across your company for an instant snapshot on performance or activity levels. Data held in dashboards or charts can also be refreshed and updated at any time to ensure you’re always kept up-to-date with data flowing across your business.

The data processed by the Enterprise Reporting tool in Sharperlight is transformed into a variety of eye-catching presentations. These include web channel displays using tabular HTML and rendered charts using Kendo UI. As well as looking good, all of the displays offer the option for users to drilldown into these to explore data more closely.

Other key features include:

  • Secure and direct access to Excel data sources
  • No embedded SQL – encourages central data model
  • Enterprise wide access to sources

Data Capture For Sharperlight

Now you can track and share your data from anywhere. Use Sharperlight’s secure and easily configurable platform-optimised apps that can turn any device into a powerful data entry management system. Information can be added on any mobile or tablet device using a range of configurable web forms, ranging from basic lists through to custom advanced Javascript support.

The data capture tools in Sharperlight ensure your business can connect all of its systems with intelligent, context-sensitive tools. These allow users to collect real-time and accurate data from various sources that is validated every time it is processed.

Data can also be uploaded into Sharperlight using the application’s Excel add-in, which quickly allows users to import information in bulk. There’s also a convenient web-channel that lets organisations to capture data over the web in their favourite browser.

Other key features include:

  • Configurable interface layer to send and write-back operational data
  • Touch screen data entry
  • Enhanced data entry and management tools for more convenient usability

Report Scheduling in Sharperlight

Sharperlight is a handy tool for any team leader or senior manager that wants accurate information quickly. The tool lets users schedule in reports on a recurrent basis. Reports can quickly be set up to preferred times and dates and be as detailed as required.

These real-time reports contain accurate data and are sent directly into the inbox of stakeholders. When reports have been sent, notifications can be set up with data also shared via an RSS feed. Information can then be saved locally as a PDF or exported into Excel.

The application’s reporting functionality works out-of-the-box with a full range of customisation options available to suit the requirements of any role or organisation. Users can create a number of different report types with 100% on-demand delivery keeping everybody updated.

Other key features include:

  • Email reports, sent notifications, RSS feeds and Exceptions
  • Save reports locally in either PDF or into Excel
  • Create dynamic schedules to suit stakeholders

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