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Sharperlight Add-on

Simplify your data in this highly flexible, out-of-the-box, business intelligence platform. Use Sharperlight for SAP Business One to turn your data into intelligent information to power better decision-making across your organisation.


Manage your data in real-time across singular or multiple enterprise applications. Sharperlight helps SAP Business One users to better understand their data.


Manage your data in real-time across singular or multiple enterprise applications. Sharperlight helps SAP Business One users to better understand their data.

Sharperlight provides one of the most intuitive, detailed, comprehensive reporting toolset for SAP Business One. Do more with your data with this popular reporting add-on.

Transform datasets into reports or dashboards that help users to simplify and understand what’s going on. Sharperlight seamlessly integrates into SAP Business One and provides a range of dashboards containing real-time data, customised report packs, and a powerful engine and integration framework that delivers simplified intelligence at the click of a button.

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Sharperlight has been designed for all types of businesses running SAP Business One. The solution meets the varying needs of all types of growing SMEs. The turn-key solution includes a rich range of BI features such as Web Reporting and Query Builder that aim to enhance productivity in any organisation.

Business Intelligence

Alongside the customised range of dashboards and reports, Sharperlight is the only application in its class that delivers affordable BI tools with the ability to write back into SAP Business One within a secure environment over the web and within Excel. This helps to easily share data intelligence across your company.

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Data Intelligence
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Sharperlight has been designed to transform data in real time for either singular or multiple enterprise systems. The solution provides the option to run consolidated reports across multiple companies in real-time and lets users run identical reports over either SQL or SAP HANA databases.


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Sharperlight Add-on Features and Benefits

Financial Reporting

Sharperlight has a simple Excel Add-on that provides powerful, fast and flexible reporting and analysis using the data in your system. The handy feature helps to save time and empowers users to create helpful reports.

Consolidated Reports

Generating reports from multiple companies has never been easier. Sharperlight allows users to easily select companies or databases that they’d to report from and then quickly build reports for you and your team to analyse.

Self-Service Reporting

It’s never been easier to run reports than with Sharperlight. You don’t need to be a data architect or a reporting wizard to generate detailed reports. Self-service tools in the application remove the reliance on technical services, external consultants, or IT support.

SQL or HANA Databases

Sharperlight future-proofs business critical reports your company relies upon. The solution works on either SQL or HANA databases meaning users can run identical reports on either database meaning reports will never have to be rewritten should you upgrade or change databases.

Connectivity Options

Keep your team connected with Shaperlight. Users can easily distribute live reports via several different and secure channels. Regardless of time or location, you’ll never lose track of KPIs. Reports are also delivered in a wide range of formats.

UDFs and UDTs

If you’ve customised your SAP Business One with different user-defined fields or tables, Sharperlight automatically converts these for reports or analysis through the tool’s Query Builder. It’s intelligent reporting at your fingertips.

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