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Advanced manufacturing software powered by SAP

Turn complex into simple with SAP

- 14 December 2023

- 12pm (GMT)

Reserve your seat today for SEIDOR's exclusive online demonstration to see how you can manage and simplify complex manufacturing solutions with SAP.

Sign up today for our webinar on Thursday 14th December at 12pm and join one of our cloud ERP experts as we take a tour of our fully integrated manufacturing solutions.

What's on the agenda?

Register today to reserve your seat and see:

  • Core back-office tools to manage critical business tasks
  • How to process master data management, including Bill of Materials and key resources
  • Sales order automation processes
  • Tools for MRP and MRP II scheduling
  • Processing production and works orders

We'll also have a live Q&A with one of our product experts if you've got any other questions.

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About your presenter

Manuel Budenbender

Manuel Büdenbender

Cloud ERP Manufacturing Software Expert

Manuel Büdenbender is a leading manufacturing software expert. He works with organisations across Europe to help simplify key production processes to improve outputs, levels of productivity and ultimately profits.

As well as being a cloud ERP expert, Manuel is skilled in product development and analysis, business and process improvement, optimisation and automation to help customers overcome productivity challenges that are impacting growth.