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characteristics of a successful erp project

25 April 2023

The 6 characteristics of a successful ERP project

When you think of a successful ERP project, what comes to mind? Is it delivering the project on time and within budget? Or are there other benefits which are important to a growing business?

Every company that deploys a new ERP system will have benefits in mind they’d like to achieve when beginning a new deployment. Overcoming existing challenges and modernising operations should always be at the top of a company’s wishlist.

But what are the factors that should be considered? Take a look at the six main characteristics of a successful ERP project and make sure to factor these in before you start your next implementation project.

1. Select the best ERP solution

It sounds obvious, doesn’t it? But if you’re selecting a solution just on price alone, is this really the best fit for your business? Companies who often select solutions to ‘make-do’, rather than finding the perfect solution are the ones who in two or three years are the ones searching for an alternative solution.

2. Ensure management commitment

Again, it sounds obvious, but without the buy-in of senior leaders and key stakeholders there will always be obstacles along the way. Initially, it should be managers who drive the project. Although they may not plan and deliver the different implementation stages, without the strategy and the vision in place, it’ll always be difficult to successfully complete a project.

3. Assign the best resources

The person who knows your business best should be the one assigned with delivering your solution. Although this individual may be critical to how your business operates, it is they who have a deep understanding of processes, different teams and the knowledge within the organisation to make the right decisions. Selecting somebody who may be new into the organisation or somebody who simply has time on their hands, will lead delays in stages of your implementation being completed.

4. Plan carefully

It’s true that failing to plan is planning for failure. A project without a plan is always doomed to fail. When you work with an experienced vendor such as SEIDOR, you’ll be allocated a skilled project manager who will guide you along your implementation journey. But you’ll also need an internal plan to factor in each of these six characteristics at different stages of your planning stages.

5. Manage business change

Your business WILL operate differently after the implementation of an ERP solution, such as SAP Business One. The reason to deploy a modern solution is to overhaul outdated or time-consuming processes. Managing business change can be a tricky process initially. However, the faster users accept change the faster your business will experience the benefits it hoped for at the start of the project.

6. Focus on business benefits

Before you even select your solution you should have the benefits in mind you’d like to achieve with your system. It might be gaining real-time insight into production data, reducing the number of stocktakes or automating sales processes. Whatever improvements you’re hoping for, these should always be the targets post-implementation. It’s these business benefits that will determine the success of your project.

Planning an ERP project?

At SEIDOR we work with hundreds of businesses across the globe each year to deploy the best-in-class business management system. We have ERP experts available to help your business along every step of the way on your deployment journey. Get in contact to discuss your next deployment today. Call us on 01 697 1818.

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