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19 April 2023

How to overcome your biggest warehouse challenges with ERP

In today’s competitive business environment, it’s never been more important to be agile and operate more efficiently. Inventory management is one area where small businesses can gain a competitive advantage over rivals. However, how do you overcome common inventory challenges that often impact productivity and cloud decision-making?

For organisations who use bespoke, legacy or even spreadsheets to manage inventory items, there are common issues which often lead to warehouse managers losing control of items of stock.

But with the right software in place, such as SAP Business One, companies can finally focus on activities which will help to grow operations and boost profits and let the technology do the hard work.

Inaccurate inventory levels

One of the biggest challenges for a small business is having real-time, accurate insight into inventory levels. Without accurate inventory levels, it’s impossible for a warehouse manager to report on what products are in stock. Without having this reliability, businesses can lose out on sales, see bottlenecks in production activities and lead to delays in distribution to customers.

With the right system in place, companies can reduce the number of stock-takes required by running in real-time. By using the powerful warehouse management tools in SAP Business One, inventory items are managed digitally. Goods in and out can be tracked accurately within the system, reducing human error and preventing companies from investing unnecessarily in inventory items.

Pick and Pack Accuracy

If your company carries a lot of inventory items within its warehouses, then pick and pack accuracy is likely to be another significant challenge. Firstly, if warehouse operatives are unable to locate products then it’s going to impact productivity and delay distribution times. Also, if your team are picking the wrong items and sending these out to customers, or incorrectly using them within your production cycles, it can impact the reputation of your company or the quality of finished goods.

SAP Business One has bin location management tools so warehouse managers have the confidence that the correct items are always being used when pick and pack lists are processed.

Lack of transparency

If your warehouse manager is unsure about the progress of key tasks or has little insight into operations, it’s going to be difficult to streamline operations or improve levels of efficiency. ERP solutions have been proven to improve levels of communication between employees and also collaboration between separate teams. By integrating all of your key personnel within a single, centralised solution where accurate data is shared, decision-making can become more strategic and efficiency levels can improve.

How can ERP help warehouse managers?

An ERP solution can dramatically impact the way that warehouse managers operate and make decisions. By automating key tasks, integrating data and users centrally, and running operations in real-time, the challenges that warehouse managers face on a daily basis are simplified.

ERP software improves the effectiveness of inventory management. The limitations of bespoke, legacy or spreadsheets are eliminated with an ERP that includes powerful WMS functionality as standard.

In an ever-changing and complex market, ERP is a proven way to help warehouse managers to simplify operations and make more strategic decisions.

ERP Warehouse Management Demo

Want to see how SAP Business One can solve the biggest challenges in your warehouse? Arrange a demo today and see how you can empower your warehouse managers with affordable innovation. Get started by contacting one of our ERP experts today on 01 697 1818.

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