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SAP Business One Forbes Manufacturing Award

28 April 2023

SAP Business One wins Forbes ERP manufacturing award

SAP Business One has been selected by Forbes as one of the world’s leading ERP solutions for small businesses in 2023.

The popular ERP solution was selected as the Best For Sustainable-Minded Small Manufacturers in Forbes' annual review of industry software.

Forbes said that SAP Business One is “best for manufacturing companies looking to implement and maintain sustainable business practices across their operations and supply chains.”

SAP Business One is SAP’s most popular ERP solution with more than 75,000 companies using the solution to manage critical business operations from a single, centralised application.

As part of its assessment, Forbes evaluated a host of market-leading ERP solutions considering factors such as costs, functionality, any type of specialisation, usability and customer support.

In its overall evaluation, Forbes gave SAP Business One a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 with the solution impressing with its sustainable features and its ability to integrate into third-party solutions.

“SAP uniquely offers solutions to complement its SAP Business One ERP, thereby giving manufacturers the ability to operate in a sustainable manner,” Forbes said in its assessment.

“As such, 97% of the world’s greenest companies and 90% of the world’s most socially responsible companies use SAP.

“Finally, SAP has earned the highest Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) score in today’s software industry.”

SAP Business One Manufacturing

SAP Business One is a proven solution to help all types of manufacturing firms to automate key production activities and integrate back-office and factory-floor operations.

The solution uses a centralised database that is accessible by all users and provides real-time, accurate visibility into company-wide operations. This helps companies to gain greater control and visibility into business processes.

With SAP Business One your manufacturing firm is guaranteed to:

  • Simplify your bills of materials for production planning and assembly
  • Accurately allocate raw materials and resources required to support volume control
  • Meet customer demand and timelines by using the solution’s MRP calculation wizard
  • Have instant access and reports into existing items being used in the production cycle
  • Manage and store all your company data from a centralised solution

What’s included in SAP Business One?

This end-to-end system helps all types of manufacturing firms to modernise operations with the best-in-class industry software.

There’s a host of integrated, feature-rich modules that come as standard that are designed specifically for growing small businesses.

Features include:

  • Production Planning and BOM Management
  • Supplier Control and Inventory Management
  • Order Information and Goods Distribution
  • Powerful Customer Relationship Management
  • Head Office Integration and Subsidiary/Supplier Integration

By eliminating disparate solutions and integrating key production processes this helps:

Discrete manufacturing – to improve visibility and operational efficiency for engineer-to-order, make-to-order and mixed-mode manufacturers
Process manufacturing – gain real-time insight into the status of production orders to improve outputs and to ultimately increase margins and profits.

SAP Business One Manufacturing Demo

Ready to transform the way your manufacturing operates? Contact one of our manufacturing ERP experts today and see SAP Business One why is one of the industry’s leading manufacturing solutions. Arrange a demo now or call our team on 01 697 1818 for further details.

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