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SAP Business ByDesign Add-ons

ERP Solutions

SAP Business ByDesign Add-Ons

Find Out More About Our Exclusive Range Of BYD Add-Ons To Enhance The Functionality Of Your Cloud ERP.

ERP Solutions

SAP Business ByDesign Add-Ons

Find Out More About Our Exclusive Range Of BYD Add-Ons To Enhance The Functionality Of Your Cloud ERP.



Seidor is an authorised solution developer of SAP Business ByDesign. Our imaginative team of developers have created a range of vertical solutions and horizontal add-ons to further enhance the range of functionality in SAP BYD.

Seidor's Industry Solutions for SAP Business ByDesign


Mobile WMS

Simplify inventory management and increase visibility into your production line. Use this handy WMS to reduce human errors and data entry to instantly boost levels of productivity. Go digital with Seidor to reduce your operational costs.


Advanced Quality Management

Exceed the expectations of your customers with this essential add-on. Use the Advanced Quality Management system to meet regulatory requirements and adhere to strict data management regulations.


Seidor License

Product licensing management just got easier. Use this convenient add-on to validate business sceanrios, such as purchsing, selling, or inbound and outbound delivery processes, to verify products have a valid license.


Sales Commission

Automatically calculate levels of commission with this handy add-on. Remove manual processes and follow defined rules to help you focus on closing more sales opportunities.

Group of people

Sub-Contractor Management

Easily manage third-party sub-contractor services to simplify your own operation. Use this add-on to improve control over sub-contractors to save time and money with accurate reporting into planned and delivered services.

búsqueda asistida

Preventative & Corrective Maintenance

Finally integrate sales, projects and service job maintenance in one system. Track your resources, equipment and customer assets and facilities together and automate key tasks for greater productivity and transparency.


Promotions & Discounts

Simplify promotions and discount management. Easily generate sales promotions and create discounts per total amount or on selected product lines or category. Free product engine also included.


Vehicle Loading

Optimise vehicle load space and increase space utilisation. Ideal for reducing freight and fuel costs and assists in creating optimal loading plans for multi-stops and priority loading.


Credit Card Reconciliation

Simplify reconciliation processes in BYD. Automatically apply customer payments to invoices if credit card terminals are not available or connected to a centralised system.

Gestión completa de revisiones

Multiple Object Admin

Easily control multiple objects within BYD. A powerful administration add-on to set agendas per object or to track rental, income, costs per object.


Over-Counter Cash

Process in-person cash transactions and instantly update BYD. Manage and process different payments methods and complete cashier reconciliation.