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SAP Business One Add Ons


SAP Business One Add-ons

Push your ERP Software Solution deeper into your business. Use our range of SAP Business One Add-ons to create a fully customised and supported ERP System unique to your SME.


SAP Business One Add-ons

Push your ERP Software Solution deeper into your business. Use our range of SAP Business One Add-ons to create a fully customised and supported ERP System unique to your SME.

Featured SAP Business One Add-ons From SEIDOR

BI 360

Solver's BI 360 Add-on provides low-cost, user-friendly business intelligence tools. The Add-on offers seamless integration into SAP and features a variety of easy-to-use, pre-configured graphs and budgeting tools. Ideal for users looking to simplify reporting, gain greater transparency into finances and track metrics.

Advanced Manufacturing

Improve your production efficiency and increase manufacturing outputs with BEAS Manufacturing. Use these advanced manufacturing tools to optimise resources, capture real-time production data, reduce inventory costs and stay compliant with necessary industry regulations and quality standards.

Boyum IT

Become more productive with Boyum IT. This range of award-winning Add-ons is already used by more than 115,000 users daily. The Boyum suite includes a range of Add-ons for everything from robust inventory and production management to enhanced usability. Use these innovative tools to get more out of SAP.

Business Process Automation (BPA) Platform

Codeless System's popular BPA Platform helps to drive greater productivity and profitability. Used by over 7,000 users in 45 countries, the Add-on has many intuitive features to improve processes through handy notifications & alerts, document automation, data integration and streamlined workflows.

Warehouse Management Systems

Turn your inventory digital with Produmex Scan. Use this essential barcode scanning solution to process large items of inventory quickly and accurately. Automate critical warehouse and inventory transactions and support multiple warehouses, process high volumes of stock and improve performance and productivity.

Ecommerce & Web Portals

Aphix Software has a range of e-commerce SAP integrations. Create a digital online platform or an omnichannel solution that opens up your business 24/7 and allows your organisation to exploit new marketplaces—future-proof your business by opening up new revenue streams and receiving real-time updates in SAP Business One.


An essential tool for any organisation that wants to do more with their data in SAP Business One. Sharperlight is a user-friendly business intelligence platform that can quickly generate important managerial reports. Bring your data to life with a series of customisable reports, dashboards, graphs, maps, and more.

SEIDOR Clarity

A powerful and affordable Business Intelligence tool developed by SEIDOR exclusively for SAP Business One users. Deliver greater insight into your data with this out-of-the-box reporting suite. Core modules for finance, sales, inventory and purchasing provide cost-effective, real-time interactive reports.

Making Tax Digital for SAP Business One

Use this easy-to-install MTD Add-on to stay compliant with new UK tax regulations. Use this convenient bridging software and enable up to 5 of your users to submit VAT returns to HMRC. Use convenient dashboards or reports to track VAT returns and easily control multiple submissions for your subsidiaries.

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