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March 27, 2024

Boyum Beas for manufacturing for industry

Have you heard of Boyum Beas? If you're looking for a solution to boost your industrial business, you can't miss what we're telling you here. First, we look at the unique challenges facing this sector and how digitalization is the way to overcome them.

On the other hand, we analyze how specific solutions such as Boyum Beas, integrated with SAP Business One ERP, are revolutionizing the way of working in manufacturing industries. At the end, we make you a proposal that you will hardly be able to refuse. And we discover the key piece to implement all this technology in your business. You can't miss it!

Why is digitalization so important in the manufacturing industry?

Digitalization is already a fundamental pillar in the manufacturing industry. This sector has to face particularly complex challenges, such as production management, resource planning and quality control. For this reason, it requires innovative solutions adapted to its particularities. That's where digitalization plays its decisive role.

Efficient production management means having complete visibility of all processes, from the procurement of raw materials to the delivery of the final product. Thanks to technological solutions, it is now very easy to monitor each stage in real time, detect errors, uncover inefficiencies and apply best productivity practices. Not bad, right?

Another point that improves significantly thanks to digital solutions is resource planning, which becomes more accurate and agile. When it comes to quality control, digitalization offers the ability to collect and analyze detailed data to ensure that self-imposed standards and regulations are more than met.
It's crucial that these solutions are seamlessly integrated with top-tier ERP systems. That's precisely what Boyum Beas proposes for SAP Business One. Let's learn a little more about this convergence between platforms.


Boyum Beas, the solution designed to digitize the manufacturing industry

Boyum Beas is postulated as a solution specifically designed to drive digitalization in the manufacturing industry. Its powerful platform offers a series of advantages that completely transform the way companies manage their production processes, optimizing efficiency and boosting competitiveness.

Below, we detail the main advantages of Boyum Beas:

  • Seamless integration. Boyum Beas integrates seamlessly with SAP Business One, ensuring a deep and specific implementation for industrial companies.
  • Production management. This platform also offers complete visibility of all production processes, from planning to delivery of the final product, enabling real-time monitoring that optimizes efficiency and reduces costs.
  • Resource planning. In addition, Boyum Beas facilitates optimal resource allocation, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity through digital tools that streamline and require planning.
  • Quality control. The tool has advanced capabilities to collect and analyze detailed data, ensuring that the manufacturing process meets quality standards. Is there anything better to bolster your brand's reputation and increase customer satisfaction?
  • Flexibility and scalability. Finally, this solution adapts to the specific needs of each company, offering flexibility that allows it to adjust to the company's changes, both now and in the future.

With this in mind, we can say that Boyum Beas not only digitizes production processes, but also makes your business more productive and achieve excellence. It is evident that this platform is an indispensable ally for those companies that seek to stand out in their respective markets.

SAP Business One and Boyum Beas: Complementing each other much better

The synergy that occurs between a specific tool like Boyum Beas and the leading ERP for SMBs, SAP Business One, only brings benefits to your business. The integration of both platforms only enhances the capabilities that SAP ERP has prepared for your business. How does he do it?

Boyum Beas enhances the capabilities of SAP Business One by offering a specialized solution for the manufacturing industry. Its main asset is deep integration, which turns an ideal process management solution for all types of companies into one specific to the manufacturing industry.

Undoubtedly, it adds functionalities that allow you to overcome the challenges of this sector. Some of them range from recipe and formula management to resource planning and thorough quality control. Below, we propose a review of the main improvements that Boyum Beas brings to the leader of ERPs among SMEs, SAP Business One.

Improved customization by adapting more to the manufacturing industry

Boyum Beas for SAP Business One shines for the customization of this ERP. The company that develops this solution has more than 20 years of experience and several recognitions in the industry, which allows it to offer an integrated solution designed to overcome the challenges of the sector.

Boyum Beas stands out for its automation capabilities and optimization of operational efficiency. It also provides advanced capacity planning and real-time production control tools, allowing for greater control of the business, as well as more accurate decision-making.

Industry-specific functionalities

Boyum Beas offers industry-specific functionalities, complementing SAP Business One with tools designed to optimize manufacturing and management processes in the manufacturing sector.

For example, it allows the integration of the management of complex recipes and formulas into the ERP. It also provides a system for updating bills of materials, ensuring that these changes are rolled out across all departments involved.

Production Efficiency

The integration enables improved production efficiency, automating tasks and providing real-time visibility into processes, maximizing productivity and reducing operational costs.

Taking this to a practical scenario, the combination of Boyum Beas and SAP Business One uses historical data to identify trends and schedule maintenance more efficiently, avoiding production downtime and increasing inventory levels to ensure shipments to customers. It also reduces the time and effort required to enter BOM data, which increases productivity and reduces human error.

Optimization of resource planning

The combination of Boyum Beas and SAP Business One optimizes resource planning, facilitating more accurate allocation, such as raw materials, labor, and equipment. This minimises downtime and avoids unnecessary waste.

While SAP Business One is by definition an ally of productivity and planning, Boyum Beas adds some interesting features. For example, it facilitates the most accurate allocation of resources and production scheduling, allowing you to maximize asset utilization and reduce downtime.

Advanced Quality Control

Boyum Beas expands the quality control capabilities of SAP Business One, offering advanced tools for the collection, analysis and management of detailed data, guaranteeing the quality of the product that comes out of your production line. Undoubtedly, this is of utmost importance to comply with laws and regulations, as well as to avoid health and environmental risks, and protect the company's reputation.

With Boyum Beas, your company gets a complete traceability tool, which allows you to see all the components used in the manufacture of an item, including their batch or serial numbers, to ensure greater transparency and tracking.

Detailed Inventory & Supply Chain Management

Finally, the integration between both solutions provides comprehensive inventory and supply chain management, optimizing product storage, tracking, and distribution processes, ensuring efficient and transparent resource management.

Among other things, this platform allows you to maintain the accuracy of inventory data by providing an automated approach to managing changes to BOMs, ensuring that inventory levels accurately reflect available products and components. All of this is cross-referenced with other relevant data, applying efficient inventory management by calculating accurate delivery dates and similar processes.

SEIDOR, the path to mimicry between Boyum Beas, SAP Business One and your business

After this analysis, it is clear that the digitalization of the manufacturing industry is critical to achieving the next goals and increasing the competitiveness of your business. It has also been shown that Boyum Beas, together with the advantages provided by SAP Business One, offers specific solutions to overcome current and future challenges. However, there is still a piece that we have not told you about and that is essential to complete this perfect puzzle. Do you want to know what it is?

You should know that successful implementation of Boyum Beas with SAP Business One is only possible with the participation of a certified partner such as SEIDOR. We make available to your business both our extensive experience with numerous success stories, as well as our human team to apply the digital transition in your business. We are convinced: together, we can reach new levels of efficiency and excellence in your industry. It's time to talk!


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