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Software de control de producción para tu PYME

November 11, 2022

Production control software for your SME

Each company has its own workflows, which directly influence productivity and, depending on how effective they are, can maximise the profitability of the business. Having quality digital applications and tools is essential if you want to optimise an organisation as much as possible, especially if it is an SME. One of these key pieces is production management software. But, what is it and what is it for?

In the following sections, we answer the most important questions involving production management software. We'll tell you exactly what this tool is, what its purpose is and the determining factors to choosing the right one. Finally, we will explain everything about the best solution on the market today that you can implement for your SME.

Production management software: what it is and what it's for

Production management software is a tool that provides detailed information on the status of an industrial process. This way, all stages of production are controlled, even product distribution. But is a program of these characteristics really necessary?

The features offered by a production control application help to more easily manage the entire industrial process, from the earliest stage, that is, manufacturing, until the product is marketed. For example, you can track the availability of raw materials in detail, ensuring that they are always on hand so production doesn't stop.

Similarly, the different components of production management software are designed to make everything run faster. The results could not be more positive: the SME is optimised and profits go up. Due to the need for companies to use this type of tool, there are several options on the market. How do we know if we are making the right choice? Let's take a look:

What should you consider to choose the right production management software?

There are some factors to keep in mind when choosing production management software. Specifically, three core requirements must be reviewed to ensure the successful implementation of the tool.

Know the needs of the business

Before choosing one option or another, it is good to put the needs of the business on the table. Obviously, not all industrial SMEs are the same: they do not manufacture the same products or do it the same way.

Conocer las necesidades del negocio

This is also important because some of the applications present on the market are industry-specific. This means they are designed for specific businesses. Choosing a type of software that is intended for another kind of industry is a mistake you can't afford to make.

Type of access to ERP

Some management tools work locally. This poses a problem if you want multiple employees to have access to it. It is also inconvenient when the goal is to promote telework. So before leaning toward any of the options on the market, good planning is required in this regard.

Cloud solutions are surging in popularity due to their flexibility. They allow remote working and provide access to as many employees and operators as necessary. As if this weren't enough, changes are synced in real time on all the company's devices.

Added functions

The third aspect to take into account is the number of components that the management software has. Many may think that a simple software package installed locally that provides production data is more than enough. But why give up on an advanced management experience?

Optimising a company's resources and its production lines is only possible with powerful management software. Thanks to this type of tool, it is possible to obtain much more than just plain data. Instead, you get full reports and statistics and real-time control over the entire industrial process. And many products include significant extras, such as a communication platform between employees.

SAP Business One is the ideal choice for your company

As we said earlier, there are several alternatives in the production management software sector. SAP Business One is the best option currently available. Implementing it in your SME also offers countless advantages.

Bring your entire company together

SAP Business One is the gateway to standardising processes within your company. Its included tools let the different areas of a company interact with one another more effectively. Similarly, critical information on the entire business is centralised in one place.

Updated data

Always have data on the availability or stock of manufactured products at hand. This lets you satisfy set goals and avoid unnecessary costs. The data stored within the SAP solution is also available on mobile devices.

Datos actualizados

Management in the cloud

The SAP solution enhances your company's management. Since it works in the cloud, you can access your company's information anytime, anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection. This way, decision-making becomes immediate.

Optimised supply chain

The supply chain is a delicate part of an industrial process. With SAP Business One, its administration gets easier. Thanks to the integration of each and every one of the parties involved, the company's supply chain won't be a problem again.

Improved customer service

SAP Business One is an all-round solution because it can also function as a CRM. This flexibility enhances customer management and helps your business adapt to all their needs.

At SEIDOR, we supply the leading production management software in the sector. Contact us to take process management in your SME to the next level.



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