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SEIDOR ONE: Services for SMEs

ERP Solutions for Business

The SEIDOR business unit specialised
in comprehensive solutions for the management of
SMEs based on the ERP SAP Business One.

SEIDOR ONE: Services for SMEs

ERP Solutions for Business

The SEIDOR business unit specialised
in comprehensive solutions for the management of
SMEs based on the ERP SAP Business One.

Solutions for SMEs

We comprehensively cover all the technology needs involved in the management of SMEs, from the implementation of ERP, to infrastructure and cybersecurity, culminating in what we call an intelligent company, accompanying them at all times in the transformation and growth of their business.



We cover any service related to SAP Business One, the ERP business management software designed to meet the needs of your small or medium-sized business.

ERP complementary solutions

SEIDOR One is the partner of reference for SMEs to comprehensively cover all your core technology needs, beyond ERP implementation.

Business Intelligence and Analytics

We help identify your company's information needs and design and implement the most suitable analytical solution. We also digitise business planning and financial consolidation processes.

Employee Experience

We help transform people management and implement the digitsation strategy, improving employee experience and facilitating more agile processes. We are driving the organisation of the future.


Optimisation of the company's digital security and information. Protection of digital assets and response to threats.


We design, build, implement and operate Internet of Things (IoT) and Artificial Intelligence solutions that facilitate the emergence of new business opportunities.

Partners program

Designed for all those companies that offer consultancy services to SMEs and that are interested in collaborating with the leading technology partner in the market.

Success stories

Oriental General Trading

Learn how Oriental General Trading, a distributor of cigarettes, simplified all processes by implementing SAP Business One. By quickly becoming the backbone of operations with real-time reports just one click away, SAP enables employees to spend more time on analytical work, which has seen sales grow significantly.

Khereiji Showrooms Company (KSC)

Discover how SAP Business One has helped KSC to increase sales by 50% since deployment. With complete oversight of all 35,000 products, costs, reserved items and customer history, this market leader in importing, manufacturing and distribution of electrical materials has all the tools required to surpass their goals.

Bassam Trading Company

Find out how Bassam Trading Company (BTC), a leading provider of innovative healthcare and hospitality solutions, deployed SAP Business One to optimize their purchasing, sales and inventory. Now with a reliable ERP, items can be managed by purchase and serial numbers, avoiding expired stock, therefore saving money.


June 12, 2024

How to choose an ERP system according to your type of business

In recent years, digital transformation has revolutionized all sectors and markets without exception. The boundaries between the physical and digital worlds have blurred, automation and intelligent systems have been established, and we are now able to collect, process and analyze large volumes of data virtually effortlessly.

May 31, 2024

Business process analysis tools: discover SAP Business One

Business process analysis tools are indispensable allies in today's market, where the ability to extract, manage and analyze large volumes of data has been a true revolution to optimize, analyze, design and modify business processes based on deep and objective knowledge that was inaccessible until a few years ago. Today we will explore in depth the advantages of these tools, focusing on one of the most prominent today: SAP Business One.

May 30, 2024

ERP as IoT Device Management Software

One of the key technologies of this technological revolution that we are witnessing in the business world is the IoT (Internet of Things). The Internet of Things allows devices to be interconnected with each other, in such a way that there is a flow of data that can be collected and analyzed to have even greater control of our business, allowing us to detect inefficiencies and opportunities in all day-to-day activities.