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SAP Business One Retail

The specific management solution for the Retail world

The specific solution for the Retail world

SAP Business One Retail is a comprehensive solution for managing all standard company processes in the retail distribution sector, from commercial management, labelling and integration with smart storage systems to accounting document management and advanced logistics.

The solution includes a complete online and offline POS (point of sale terminal) application for managing sales receipts, orders, refunds, charges with identification, cash counting with open and closed till, coupon control, additional expenses and store inventory. This tool, developed using SAP Business One technology, allows the POS to work directly on the SAP Business One database, maintaining up-to-date information at all times.

Benefits of Retail Management Solution

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Increase customer satisfaction

Today’s customers are well informed, exposed, and expect the best-customized experience. Retail Management Solution will personalize and enhance the shopper experience

41% reduction in absenteeism than the average organization

Automate core business operation

An integrated, scalable, intuitive, and secure enterprise solution to overlook the entire business operation.


Online \ Offline POS

Manage all stores(Online/ offline POS) activities anytime and anywhere


Omnichannel Retailing

Integrated touch points extend a consistent shopping experience across all channels