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We have a broad portfolio of solutions to meet the needs of all types of organisations. From SMB to Enterprise, we have got you covered.


Our in-house solutions offer best-of-breed SAP ERP solutions, Business Intelligence, and Networking services to ensure a competitive, market-leading business.


Unsure what's the perfect fit for your business? Get in touch with one of our solution architects today.

SEIDOR specialises in the implementation and support of some of SAP's most popular business management solutions.

We assist in identifying your company's information needs and designing and implementing the most appropriate analytical solution. We also digitize the processes of business planning and financial consolidation.

Manage your entire business in the cloud with this intelligent ERP suite. See how SAP Business ByDesign is perfect for forward-thinking and fast-growing companies who want to conform activities and run best-practice scenarios.

Evolution of the ecosystem of applications and infrastructures to a Cloud-based model.

The out-of-the-box suite of reports developed for SAP Business One to empower decision-makers through enhanced visualization of business data.

SAP Business One is a business management software solution for small to medium-sized enterprises. It provides a suite of functions that simplify and streamline business operations.

Optimisation of the company's digital security and information. Protection of digital assets and response to threats.

Make sense of what drives your business.

By understanding historic and present data you are able to predict your business's future performance.

A complete, intelligent ERP system featuring emerging technologies and the latest SAP innovation. Enable your Enterprise business to make smarter decisions faster.

SEIDOR Firewall Pro is a fully managed Firewall as a Service (FaaS) offering that is designed to ensure a high level of security with reporting

Business Intelligence solutions through inspirational, authentic training


Our solutions can be implemented in numerous industries, and with the assistance of some of our partners, we are able to customize the solution to your specific needs.

Driving world-class innovation in the sports and entertainment industry.

Anticipate and respond to the market faster than the competition.

Customer Service is everything. With the correct information at your fingertips, your business can go from strength to strength.

We respond to the specific needs of the Wholesale and Distribution industry through technology

We assist NGO's in their growing business, through technology.

Discover how we transform and reinvent the Fashion industry thanks to technology.

It is our experience and expertise that allows us to implement the best multi-channel commercial distribution solutions.

By leveraging technology and innovation, we contribute to the transformation and evolution of the professional services sector, making your business more competitive.

We accelerate the transformation of the oil and gas sector through technology.

Discover how we transform and reinvent the Mining industry thanks to technology.

We respond to the specific needs of the manufacturing sectors, driving your business into the future.

Discover how we transform and reinvent the Field Services industry thanks to technology.

We accelerate the transformation of the chemicals sector through technology.

Our specialized teams respond to the specific needs of the agri-business sector, leading the industry into the future.

We're building the future of the construction sector through technology.

We resolve the challenges facing the evolution of the food sector with a focus on the consumer.

We promote the education of the future through technology.

We respond to the specific needs of the Automotive and Aeronautics industry through technology

We create opportunities for construction and property development using technology.

We're driving the transformation of the sector with a focus on accessibility and experience of the digital patient.

We contribute to the transformation and evolution of the public sector thanks to the power of technology and innovation, bringing the future to the general public.

We accelerate the transformation of the transport & logistics sector through technology.

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