Bringing Dairy to your home with SAP® Business One on HANA

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

• Libanlait has been producing Dairy and Juice Products for 19 years.

• Libanlait needed to have real-time inventory.

• One of its main challenges was having detailed reports of the company’s operations. Why SAP and Seidor

Why SAP and Seidor One

• Seidor were available 24/7 and trained Libanlait's employees in order to implement SAP Business One.

• SAP includes several features that help to control and manage every production step.

• SAP Business One has an improved database compared to the previous RP. After: Value-Driven Results

After: Value-Driven Result

• One of the best tools for Libanlait is the MRP and APS: both modules will enable the company to efficiently manage raw materials, better generate production plans and meet market needs using the Just In Time method.

• With SAP Business One the company can work in the background to reduce human errors in data entry and Libanlait didn't have that before.

• Thanks to SAP Business One, the company can consolidate and integrate all processes and workflows in one single application.

• Detailed reporting has enabled it to better manage costs and wastes for every product and process

Marc Waked

General Manager, Libanlait

“The whole success story of implementing SAP Business One was that the team assigned to it''