Speed Marine

Speed Marine Est.

SAP Business One provides real time data making our business operation transparent to all decision makers at all levels

Speed Marine Est.is is the official representative of world known marine brands . Due to its distinctive industry , Speed Marine needed an integrated solution with added on features to overlook all their operations. and broad range of products and inclusive services


  • Improve the quality of reports to decision makers and managers
  • Provide easy access to real time data for all departments and mainly for the client service
  • The ability to track the performance of multiple brands at once

Why SAP and Seidor One

SAP is a renowned name and offers a comprehensive ERP solution. Seidor One is the leading partner in this region with many awards


  • Managers have daily access to detailed reports related to their departments
  • Client service has improved dramatically thanks to real time data accessed by sales and customer service
  • We saved time and cost by successfully monitoring the performance of multiple brands at once

Speed Marine


Finance Manager

“SAP Business One proved to be an efficient ERP with major impact on management performance . It helped us optimize our daily operations across multiple brands. ”

Gulf Health Council

Complete control and visibility of GHC data with SAP® Solutions