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May 07, 2024

The human role in a digital world

Everyone is talking about the power of Artificial Intelligence, Industry 4.0 and solutions that automate repetitive business processes. However, few stop to analyse a crucial issue for any business: the role of human beings in the digital age.

The dark side of the digital world

An example of the impact of technology on everyday life is the viral video at the end of the year in France, where people were more concerned with recording and uploading their videos to social networks than celebrating the arrival of the new year. This phenomenon, a product of technological progress, leads us to reflect on the importance of living in the present and enjoying experiences without turning them into a mere virtual spectacle.

Common mistakes when implementing technology in a company


Believing that a technological solution will solve all problems is a mistake. Technology is a tool that optimises processes, but it requires human supervision to detect failures or unexpected results. A chatbot, for example, can provide immediate answers to customers, but it will never replace the warmth and value of a personalised human interaction.


In a world where we rely on tools like ChatGPT or Gemini to communicate, we run the risk of losing the ability to convey empathy and emotions, essential elements for achieving positive results in interpersonal relationships.


While human beings never stop learning, technological solutions also need regular updates. These aren't always automatic, so it's necessary for a human being to review and manage the updates to get the most out of the tools available.

Time management

Technological solutions are ideal for repetitive tasks and simplifying processes. However, excessive automation can lead to human beings neglecting the business. The time freed up by technology should be spent on activities that technology can't do, such as defining strategies, creating partnerships and business development.


Technology will never replace human beings, but a human being capable of mastering technology and using it strategically will always be welcome in any company.

Technology and healthcare

Although technology helps us to detect health problems early and offers new ways of solving illnesses, a good lifestyle and healthy eating remain the basis of disease prevention.

Technology is a powerful tool that helps us improve our lives, but it shouldn't be used as a substitute for human beings. The key is to find a balance between technology and humanity. Let's transform the world through technology so that we have time to become more human again.

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