Hybrid Business Reporting

04 May 2023

Clarity by SEIDOR – Hybrid Model

With the introduction of Business-to-Business Cross-Tenant Sharing by Power BI in September 2022, Clarity now offers you the ‘Best of Both Worlds’ with the release of the Clarity by SEIDOR Hybrid Model.

Experience the ‘Best of Both Worlds’ with the Hybrid Model

This means that SEIDOR Analytics can host a Clarity by SEIDOR file in the Clarity tenant and share it with our clients who have their own Power BI PRO licenses in their own tenant. This provides the advantage of both local hosting and SEIDOR hosting in one package.

When should you consider the Hybrid Model?

There are benefits associated with the Clarity portal, the largest benefit being the cost-effective Power BI licensing cost. Likewise, there are many benefits of the Power BI portal, however, for the cost-conscious client, or those clients who have a high number of Clarity users (10 or more), the monthly Power BI PRO license can add up quickly. The Hybrid Model allows the “normal” users to use the Clarity portal at a lower Power BI license cost, and the “advanced” or “specialised” users can continue to use Power BI PRO licenses for the benefits listed below.

Benefits of the Hybrid Model

  • Flexibility to create your own reports alongside the Clarity by SEIDOR reports.
  • Management and monitoring of the health of the Clarity by SEIDOR file on your behalf.
  • SEIDOR Analytics licence capacity is used for storage, data refreshes, access and more.
  • Clarity by SEIDOR reports will be available in the same environment as reports created by your colleagues.

Included in the Hybrid Model

  1. Self-Service (Create your own reporting and analytics) using: -
    • Power BI
      • Create your own Power BI reports using the mechanics available in the Clarity by SEIDOR data model
    • Excel
      • Live connection export
      • Refresh the report directly in Excel
        • Even with Hierarchical data
        • Insert Pivot Tables in Excel directly from Power BI
  2. Email Subscriptions
    • Send automated pdf versions of report pages to licensed or non-licensed Clarity by SEIDOR users
    • These users must have a Power BI PRO license. Note that the Clarity portal also offers Email Subscriptions, especially cost-effective for larger audiences.
  3. PowerPoint Integration
    • Embed Power BI Reports directly into PowerPoint
      • Dynamic functionality is now available in PowerPoint, such as: -
        • Filtering
        • Drill down
        • Sorting
  4. Teams Integration
    • Embed Power BI reports directly into Teams
    • For efficient interaction with your colleagues including Chat and @mentions
  5. Mobile
    • Experience Clarity by SEIDOR using the Power BI Mobile App

Your account manager will gladly arrange for more information and a demo upon request.


Clarity by SEIDOR

Clarity by SEIDOR

The out-of-the-box suite of reports developed for SAP Business One to empower decision-makers through enhanced visualization of business data.

SAP Business One

SAP Business One

SAP Business One is a business management software solution for small to medium-sized enterprises. It provides a suite of functions that simplify and streamline business operations.


10 February 2023

SEIDOR Analytics launches exciting new BI solutions for SAP Business One

With SEIDOR Analytics now in its fifth year of providing comprehensive business intelligence solutions to satisfied SAP Business One clients, we are excited to introduce our new suite of BI reporting and analytics designed specifically for SAP Business One clients. Our BI solution – Clarity by SEIDOR has been developed to provide BI solutions geared to your business type and size, providing a ‘Best Fit’ for your business.

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