SAP Business One for Manufacturing

Helps to clearly reduce supply chain costs by illuminating the stages of the production process in detail.

Access all the information related to the production process quickly and easily, including planning, transactions of materials needed for manufacturing, the progress of the order and cost control.

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Discover SAP Business One for Manufacturing

Problems evolve almost as quickly as the technologies that surround them, and we believe that in the future, you should approach future investments and changes by simply asking, "How can we improve productivity in a way that responds to the needs of our business?"

Manufacturers must focus on efficiency, and they will be forced to innovate to keep up with the increased volume of orders, product variations, and rapid development and distribution.

Models of manufacturing covered by SAP Business One

Discreet Manufacturing

With SAP Business One you can base your manufacturing on the list of materials, where different products can be manufactured in the same line.


You can manufacture continuously whereby you constantly organise the flow of materials, without any kind of transition between operations.


Produce based on project management by carrying out specific steps, programming said steps and gathering data.

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Mala Bhatt - SEIDOR in Africa
Mala Bhatt
Managing Director - SEIDOR in EA and MU
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Mala Bhatt - SEIDOR in Africa
Mala Bhatt
Managing Director - SEIDOR in EA and MU

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