SEIDOR Express – The ultimate ERP for SMEs

01 October 2021

SEIDOR Express – The ultimate ERP for SMEs

Now is the time for South African SMEs to transition to an ERP system – particularly since vendors like SEIDOR have designed ERPs specifically for these organisations.

The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has made this clear, as organisations need an ERP solution to manage their real-time data in a way that enables optimal decision-making and month-to-month planning.

A good example of this is that many SMEs currently use small accountancy software solutions to manage their data - but these are becoming increasingly inefficient as these businesses evolve and grow.

If you are finding that your accountancy software no longer serves all your needs, it may be the right time to switch to an ERP solution.

Signs that you need to make the switch to ERP include using tons of spreadsheets, spending lots of time reconciling data, and finding it difficult to leverage this data to discover important business truths.


Many SMEs believe they cannot afford an ERP solution, however, as these systems “only cater to large enterprises”.

This is why SEIDOR has built the ultimate ERP solution for SMEs – SEIDOR Express.

SEIDOR Express puts your SME first through a rapid deployment model that leverages templates to make roll-out easy and affordable.

“Our Express methodology allows businesses to configure their ERP solution to address their most pressing business pain points,” said SEIDOR SADC MD Heinrich de Leeuw.

“It is an ideal solution for companies that are ready to upgrade from a basic accounting system at a time where morphing to online channels and e-commerce will ensure sustainability and future growth of the business.”

SEIDOR Express is built upon SAP Business One and offers the essential functionality required to operate a business – including businesses in the finance, warehouse and distribution, lite production, and e-commerce fields.

It is a scalable solution that is priced at just R3,000 to R5,000 per month, with a preconfigured template that you can customise at a later date to suit your evolving business needs.

You can implement SEIDOR Express on the cloud, on-premise, or as a hybrid solution, too, and it is available for single and multi-tenancy.

Other options include choosing between to-buy or rent licenses, as well as between Microsoft SQL or SAP HANA databases.

The top benefits you will receive through the implementation of SEIDOR Express include:

  • Increased ROI
  • Valuable analytics
  • Improved productivity
  • Superior customer satisfaction
  • Easier compliance and risk management
  • Flexibility and scalability
  • Better reporting
  • Simpler inventory management

“Whether you’re a controller, inventory manager, or CEO, you gain a clear view of the state of the business to make smart decisions,” said de Leeuw.


SAP Business One

SAP Business One

SAP Business One is a business management software solution for small to medium-sized enterprises. It provides a suite of functions that simplify and streamline business operations.


SEIDOR Express

Due to the high costs and difficulty of deployment, SMEs have historically been unable to implement ERP systems. It is now feasible with SEIDOR Express Edition for Wholesale and Distribution, with a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution built on templates that enable distributors and wholesalers to be up and running quickly.


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