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15 December 2020

Unlock business growth with cloud-based, intelligent ERP

The race to constantly innovate, to stay ahead and remain relevant, has never been tougher. In a world of information at our fingertips, consumer expectations are more demanding than ever. As a result, there is increasing pressure on businesses to show results and growth like never before. Businesses are expected to react quickly, act faster, and at the same time make informed predictions to command competitive advantage.

Business leaders have been trying for years to gain digital business capabilities that can help them disrupt their industry, foster innovation, combat threats, respond quickly to opportunities, and make their environments and transactions secure and compliant. To do so fruitfully, they should also be focusing on using real-time actionable insights from their ERP systems. But the limitations posed by these systems have meant that few have been successful in their digital transformation journey.

The reason is that with non-cloud-based deployments, the data in ERP systems are isolated from other business data and systems, leading to numerous manual and repetitive processes. Also, disparate systems and data silos hinder the geographical expansion or growth of an enterprise. Connected systems, coherent data streams, intelligent data collection, and real-time data processing are imperative for creating business value.

That is changing, however. Organisations worldwide are using Microsoft Azure to run SAP Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) applications in a secure, highly available cloud environment. Across different industries, these companies are seeing improved agility, increased performance, and reduced operational costs.

Is it time for your business to move to SAP on Azure?

SAP’s ERP solutions combine software and hardware that integrate various modules and can be deployed on-premises and in the cloud. This offers multiple features and services to customers, ensuring the reliability of their technology infrastructure in a changing digital landscape. Cloud enables numerous benefits like reduction of the total cost of ownership, faster product deliveries, and access to innovation.

Some of the key benefits customers are witnessing when they opt for SAP on Azure include:


The Azure platform reduces the IT infrastructure cost by almost 75% and this is particularly important for small to medium-sized companies. The wide range of networking options for private and secure connections with Azure offers ease of integration which eliminates additional costs and maximises benefits.

On-demand performance and scalability

With SAP Business One and Azure pay-as-you-go features scaling up or down as necessary is easy and eliminates paying for services that are not needed.

Data protection

Security and reliability with regards to a platform with its compliance and trust certifications is a key highlight of Azure. SAP Business One Cloud is a certified solution that allows for scalability and innovation while maintaining a secure environment. Businesses will benefit from a safe and secure cloud environment built to meet the requirements of the most security-sensitive organisations. This is especially important for POPI Act compliance.

Accelerated insights

The availability of insights for an organisation enables analysis of the changes that need to be incorporated into the current system and highlights the new features that need to be introduced.

Ease of migration

Seidor Africa works with clients to migrate the SAP Business One environment to the cloud quickly, with near-zero downtime, ensuring continued business performance, whilst leveraging a new cloud operating model that relieves the burden of maintenance and frees IT to focus on innovation.

Reliability and availability

Azure is recognised as the largest cloud provider covering 42 regions. Disaster management and built-in availability features reduce the possibility of outages. The 99.9% up-time is the highest in the industry. This is critically important in the new work from home (WFH) era.

A company seeking growth would do well to start planning the move of systems and applications to the cloud. Microsoft Azure provides a new generation of SAP deployment options that offer on-demand infrastructure, specialised services, and flexible execution, making it the best choice for SAP customers ready to make the move to the cloud.

Organisations that integrate data on SAP systems with data from non-SAP systems on Azure’s agile cloud platform can generate end-to-end, real-time insights, quickly enter new markets, command better profit margins, and grow.


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SAP Business One

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