ICT & Telecoms


ICT & Telecoms

Anticipate and respond to the market faster than the competition.


ICT & Telecoms

Anticipate and respond to the market faster than the competition.

Powerful analytics help to identify new customer patterns and adapt your products to new opportunities.

With our solutions for the ICT & Telecommunications industry, you can anticipate and respond to rapidly evolving trends in today’s connected marketplace.

With ever-shorter product life cycles, leading the competition calls for creating new products and services that excite customers and can be rolled out globally both quickly and effectively.

Business processes must be agile. Meanwhile, supply chains need to adjust quickly, yet still remain efficient and cost-effective. Being and staying ahead of the competition is engraved in the technology you bring to your ICT or Telecommunication business. Through increased customer service and accurate billing systems, your objectives will be met.

Industry Challenges

41% reduction in absenteeism than the average organization

End-to-end digital integration


Control and digitization of operations


Process Automation

Nuevas Tecnologías

Efficient asset management


Project management


Optimized supply chain planning

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27 January 2023

Using digital tech to supercharge supply chain ROI and gain real-time transport visibility

To grow and remain profitable in this landscape, leading transport and logistics companies are seeking to leapfrog traditional supply chain practices and gain a real-time view of transport and logistics.

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Heinrich De Leeuw - SEIDOR in Africa
Heinrich de Leeuw
Managing Director - SEIDOR South Africa
03 February 2022

ERP Functionalities in service companies

The choice of Service Sector ERP is interesting because of its multiple functionalities. In this entry we list them so that you can make the most of them.

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SEIDOR in Africa
27 July 2021

Can ERP Implementation Happen Remotely?

The changing global landscape has caused many businesses to seek out new ways of remote working. ERP automation can help companies navigate business disruption caused by COVID-19, but can an effective ERP solution be delivered off-site?

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SEIDOR in Africa