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10 February 2023

Extending SAP Business One’s Utility

Over and above the standard SAP Business One offering, SEIDOR supports many highly regarded solution extensions or add-ons to enhance SAP Business One’s utility. It can be daunting to connect requirement to solution in this regard, so we’ve put together some broad categories to show you where other clients are seeing value right now.

The Big 5

WMS (Warehouse Management Solutions) – we offer several solutions here, ranging from simple scanning solutions (to address human error and duplication of effort) up to advanced WMS with inbound and outbound logistics, quality management and automation.
Portals – interest in customer self-service portals are on the rise. These go beyond B2B e-commerce (we can help you with that, too) and allow for placing of orders, paying of invoices, downloading past documents (in your correct template format) and updating of information.
Document Management Solutions – these range from electronic proof of delivery offerings (very popular!) to comprehensive integrated DMS systems that allow you to access all relevant documentation from within SAP.
BI – Business Intelligence has seen significant growth with the adoption of Power BI and the replacement of older incumbent reporting solutions within our client base. Boyum also has some great operational reporting tools with their customisable dashboards (I’d point out the latter is owned by many but used by few)
Integration and Automation – we have a team specialising in this high growth area. Locally we have a strong “everything you do needs to be in SAP” mindset, but SAP Business One also increasingly supports a “you do you, but let SAP manage the financial aspects” option via integration. The area where this is most prevalent is with CRM, where many companies opt to use external CRM solutions which integrate to SAP. We support an array of standard connectors as well as bespoke integration and automation solutions.

While the Big 5 is where we’re seeing the most interest and where we’ll be focusing our attention during 2023, it’s only a subset of the several dozen solutions we support, which include the likes of POS (point of sale), job costing, project management, transport, advanced manufacturing, mobile, procure to pay, etc.

If you have any requirement or questions in this regard, please reach out to your account manager, we’d love to help!