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10 May 2023

Self-help is where it’s at

We’ve noticed that our suppliers are increasingly reminding us that we can log and even complete our various emailed requests on their customer portals.

Self-help is where it’s at.

A natural first reaction is to be taken aback at the prospect of losing yet further human interaction in business, but that’s just perception. In truth they are requesting that we switch from interminable email trails to a focused channel so they may assist us more effectively.

It’s a switch not from human to machine, but from a general purpose (and gridlocked) tool to a specialist, consistent tool that holds many benefits:

Improved Customer Experience

By offering a customer portal, SMEs can provide customers with 24/7 access to information, such as order status, inventory levels, documents, and reporting. Customers can also work at their own pace, which is a particular boon when working across multiple time zones. Additionally, a customer portal can help to reduce customer service inquiries and free up resources to focus on other aspects of the business.

Efficient Supply Chain Management

With a supplier portal, SMEs can communicate more effectively with suppliers and collaborate on order fulfillment. This can help to reduce lead times, minimize stockouts, and improve overall supply chain efficiency.

Increased Productivity, Cost Savings, Data Accuracy and Timeliness

Streamlined workflows with automation and direct customer and supplier access means less human interfacing with fewer opportunities to introduce error. You will have access to more information when you need it and with less effort.

We’re currently seeing a surge in Customer and Supplier portal requests for SAP Business One, so it seems there is a growing realisation that self-service portals offer a competitive edge to SMEs in Africa.

Speak to your account manager to learn more about our self-service portal solutions for SAP Business One. Our portal solutions have been around for years and will likely surprise you with their breadth and depth of functionality and overall polish! You can also view our recent webinar here.


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