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10 February 2023

Spotlight on Support (East Africa)

When asked about Support, clients almost unanimously respond favourably along the lines of “Quick Response, accurate solutions.” Our Support Desk has grown considerably since inception in 2008, and with the new year it’s worth revisiting what they do and how they do it.

The Support team consists of four dedicated, regional teams and serves SEIDOR’s English-speaking clients throughout Africa, the Middle East and the UK.
Support’s mandate is to assist you in maintaining your system as it stands.

The East African Support Team

Our local East African Support team comprises of 6 agents; 4 agents in the Kenya Office, and 2 agents in the Tanzania office. The team handled nearly 5,000 tickets last year, with 95% compliance to response and resolution measures and a 92% positive satisfaction rating.
They report that incoming requests are becoming more sophisticated and complex, which reflects improved adoption and utilisation by clients of their SAP Business One solutions – a good thing!

Additional Support Services

  • Seidor Support Value Add Service –Support offers a proactive approach to ensure customers are using SAP Business One to its optimum. As part of our customer service initiative, a dedicated agent will visit the customer, gather their requirements as well as show value by showcasing standard SAP Business One functionalities that will ease business process.
  • Premium Support through SLA – We have experienced an uptick in requests to perform administrative tasks that would typically be performed by internal client super users. These tasks are billable and not covered by Support, but we appreciate that the need exists. To satisfy the need and streamline delivery on such requests a billed service is offered – hours are purchased up front and consumed as the need arises.

Support may be reached via Portal, telephone or Email. A peculiar finding is that almost all of our East African clients use the Support Portal, whereas other regions show up to 40% adoption of the Portal.

If you have any questions relating to Support or the additional services they offer, your account manager will be happy to help.