SAP Business One Resources


SAP Business One Resources

Take a look at our range of resources to find out more information about SAP Business One from Seidor. Download our range of FREE assets below.


SAP Business One Resources

Take a look at our range of resources to find out more information about SAP Business One from Seidor. Download our range of FREE assets below.


SAP Business One From SEIDOR

SAP Business One is used by more than 70,000 companies across the globe. Each day, more than 1,200,000 users access the system to help streamline, manage and control critical business tasks. Our SAP Business One resources guide is your one-stop-shop for everything related to this popular ERP solution.


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SAP Business One Brochure

Get your Official Solution Guide here. Find out all about the range of out-of-the-box standard tools, hosting options for SAP Business One, and how you can customise your application with the extensive B1 eco-system.

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SAP Business One Cloud Guide

See what it's like running SAP Business One in the cloud. SEIDOR has its own dedicated cloud division meaning we can provide the perfect hosting platform that suits your requirements and budget.


SAP Business One Mobile Guide

Stay connected with your business - regardless of time or location. See how the official SAP Business One Mobile solutions for iOS and Android can help you stay updated with key activities from across your company.

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Ebook: Why Seidor & SAP Business One

It's a combination chosen by thousands of growing SMEs globally. See why Seidor & SAP Business One is a partnership proven to deliver long-term growth and sustained profits.


Ebook: 9 Steps when moving from Accounting to ERP

Changing vital systems can be very disruptive to daily operations. Despite the potential disruption, changing from an accounting-only package to an integrated business management system gives businesses massive value, as well as a real competitive advantage. Download our eBook to to successfully implementation.

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SAP Business One Frequently Asked Questions

Many companies believe that if their books are in order there is no need for an ERP solution, and yet a business management system is so much more than keeping track of financials.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions you might need to be answered.

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Ebook: 5 Reasons Why ERP Projects Fail and How to Avoid These

When done correctly, a successful ERP project will empower an organization to drive growth and will equip its staff with the tools they need to do their jobs more efficiently. So why does some ERP projects fail, and what can you do to overcome these?

Learn more

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ERP Checklist

ERP projects are often perceived as a failure when solutions have been deployed and key personnel suddenly realise they are lacking the tools needed to complete entire processes or to streamline and automate key tasks. Now you can avoid any costly oversights with SEIDOR'S convenient ERP Checklist


What is an Intelligent Enterprise?

Intelligent Enterprise leverage emerging technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), the Internet of Things (IoT), and analytics to enable the workforce to focus on higher-value outcomes.


26 October 2021

Top 10 benefits of an ERP

With supply chain fragility top of mind, suppliers are focusing on how to get their products to customers while observing the required compliance trails. The reality is that with the appropriate use of ERP technology, solutions exist that enable business continuity for small and medium enterprise owners in this fragile economy. Although the adoption rate is increasing, many businesses are not aware of its importance.

Heinrich De Leeuw - SEIDOR in Africa
Heinrich de Leeuw
Managing Director - SEIDOR South Africa
12 August 2021

Is it time to upgrade to an ERP?

There are a few clear signals indicating that the current software solution may be holding back business growth. Making the move from an accountancy solution to an ERP system, designed specifically for small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs), is a valuable and sensible next step for many businesses.

Mala Bhatt - SEIDOR in Africa
Mala Bhatt
Managing Director - SEIDOR in EA and MU
27 April 2021

How to ensure a successful ERP implementation

“ERP software has improved dramatically in recent years,” says Lyall O’Carroll, Technical Account Manager, SEIDOR. “It is no longer an enormous expense, nor does it take an age to implement. ERP has also become much easier to use.”

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Lyall O'Carroll
Technical Account Manager - SEIDOR South Africa