Streamline Your SAP Business One Accounts Payable with Automation


Streamline Your SAP Business One Accounts Payable with Automation


Accelerate Your SAP Business One Accounts Payable Processes with Workflow Automation – DOKKA, a Cloud-Based Solution for Faster, Streamlined Operations.

Automate journal entries, approval flows, and document management to enhance the efficiency of your SAP Business One accounts payable workflows. Experience the benefits of DOKKA, a cloud-based solution that boasts a significantly faster interface compared to traditional locally hosted ERPs.

Fully Autonomous AP Automation

Quick Integration & Setup

DOKKA integrates seamlessly with SAP Business One through the SAP Business One Service Layer. The setup involves installing and activating the SAP B1 Service Layer, adding the SAP Integrator's URL to DOKKA Accounting Integrations, logging in with SAP Credentials, and creating additional company profiles as required.

Automated invoice capture

Easily import invoices via the DOKKA app or email sync. DOKKA automates scanning, field recognition, and journal entry creation, streamlining your workflow. Simply review and click "Publish" to automatically generate transactions in SAP Business One, saving you valuable time per invoice.

Approval Flows

End the approval chase and vendor exchanges with DOKKA. Easily involve multiple approvers, take full control, and customize notifications and rules. Our AI continually improves.

Overview of Core Features


Automated Invoice Collection

DOKKA automatically imports documents from various sources, including email, office scanners, a proprietary mobile app, CSV files, and even WhatsApp, efficiently organizing them on your behalf.


Automated Approval Workflows

Establish personalized invoice approval workflows, and the system will autonomously dispatch approval requests to the appropriate individuals based on the invoice data.


Automated Journal Entries

DOKKA autonomously posts AP journal entries to your SAP Business One software, requiring only your review and approval.

document management

Smart Document Management

Invoices undergo automatic processing to generate journal entry recommendations, while all other documents are securely stored in our cloud-based archive.


2-Way & 3-Way Matching

Effortlessly reconcile purchase orders, goods receipts, and invoices while instantly visualizing any discrepancies.


Line Item Extraction

Import document line items into a journal entry recommendation with a single click.


Google-like Search

Locate any document within seconds by searching for keywords contained within it.


Chat, Comment & Tag

Facilitate quick team alignment by discussing specific documents, adding comments, tags, and more.


Audit Trail

Access a documented history of all activities in your DOKKA account, enabling you to trace each journal entry back to its source.