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Goede Hoop and SAP Business One bear fruit

For 90 years, Goede Hoop Citrus has been the region’s biggest packager and exporter of citrus fruits. The company was previously relying on a proprietary system to manage information, but this didn't support data quality and provided insufficient product traceability. Now, with SAP Business One, Goede Hoop Citrus benefits from a single repository that connects productions, distribution and financial data, enabling the company to manage costs more effectively and grow the business with confidence.

Citrus Dal - Goede Hoop
Citrusdal - Goede Hoop
SAP and CitrusDal

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

Proprietary system didn’t provide reliable management information.

Lack of product traceability.

Growing market and continuous evolution.

Goede Hoop and SAP Business One


SAP Business One provides a unified repository for all company data.

Established market leader in enterprise software.

SEIDOR Africa understood our needs and their service was efficient and responsive.

SAP Business One Agriculture

After: Value-Driven Results

Visibility into accurate data across its operations.

Enables costs to be managed more effectively.


SAP Business One assists Hermanuspieterfontein to focus on what they do best

"SAP Business One has enabled us to grown on a year on year basis with 23%."

Raineer Basson, Financial Director, Hermanuspietersfontein Wine

Hermanuspietersfontein Winery

SAP Business One gives Soill the ability to grow and adapt as needed

"SAP Business One assist us in getting all the different working parts to work together for one goal”.

George Turk, Snr Business Analyst, Soill.


Kenya Nut Company is nuts over SAP Business One

"It was an easy decision to make"

Michael Mwaniki, Head of Finance, Kenya Nut Company.