Kenya Nut Company

Kenya Nut Company is nuts over SAP Business One

Kenya Nut was established in 1972 with a focus on growing quality macadamia & cashew nuts. This has since grown to include coffee, chocolates, and oils. With over 4000 employees, the company operates seven farms on over 8,000 acres, with a complete production system from seedlings to ready-for-sale products and an international market. Our philosophy is to provide a superior quality product through careful cultivation and modern processing techniques.

Before: Challenges and Opportunities

We made a decision to upgrade SAP Business One from SQL to HANA and deploy it on the cloud as we're in the process of procuring new hardware. Our decision to go on HANA and cloud proved to be more cost-effective while at the same time enhancing the performance of the system.


SAP Business One is the leader in ERP Software. It was an easy decision to make.

SEIDOR Africa has been with working with us for numerous years. We trust them, and they understand our business.

After: Value-Driven Results

Reports on performance by tree and animal has given us insight into what is profitable to the business hence has assisted us in making informed decisions.

Incorporation of various manufacturing processes such as wine processing, nut processing, chocolate processing, oil processing under one system.

Increased transactional and reporting speeds through use of HANA hence faster decision making and an increment on efficiency.