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SAP Business One assists Craigcor Distribution to be more efficient

As a distributor of industrial automation, control & instrumentation equipment, CraigCor Distribution partners with leading technology brands from around the world to provide our clients with complete automation solutions. With offices in Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban & Windhoek we have serviced industry in surrounding areas for more than 20 years and pride ourselves on the reputation we have earned of always striving for excellence.

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Before: Challenges and Opportunities

Our previous business system consisted of an accounting-only package and an access-based CRM tool to track our sales opportunities.

Running two separate systems gave rise to an uncontrollable spread of Excel and no integration functionality between financials and CRM.



The Seidor Africa team was very committed to the project and took all the necessary steps to ensure that they had a complete understanding of our needs and requirements.

SAP Business One’s query, alert and approval functionality provided us with a high level of automation and control that improves the quality.

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After: Value-Driven Results

Strong controls in the sales process, additional discounts from suppliers are automatically calculated, stock control, customer credit control, integration, real-time insight into business information.


07 December 2020

Technology in the Medical Distribution Industry

Technology within the medical distribution industry is not new. The medical industry is under constant pressure to ensure attention to detail, adherence to strict methodologies, and regulatory compliance. There is no room for errors. Add to that the burden placed on healthcare ecosystems around the world in 2020 with the outbreak of COVID-19

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SEIDOR in Africa
27 April 2021

How to ensure a successful ERP implementation

“ERP software has improved dramatically in recent years,” says Lyall O’Carroll, Technical Account Manager, SEIDOR. “It is no longer an enormous expense, nor does it take an age to implement. ERP has also become much easier to use.”

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Lyall O'Carroll
Technical Account Manager - SEIDOR South Africa
03 October 2023

5 Key questions on the state of ERP in Africa

African businesses, as with other regions, are looking for easy to implement, mature, simplified ERP which results in a fast time to value.

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Darren De Vries - SEIDOR in Africa
Darren De Vries
Head of Business Development - SEIDOR SAP Business One SADC