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SAP Business One assists Hermanuspieterfontein to focus on what they do best

The name originates from the founder of Hermanus, Hermanus Pieters, who, in 1855, helped take a little fisherman's village and turn it into the town it is today. This name has given them the title of longest Afrikaans name for a cellar in the world. Their wines are just as uniquely named, with the HPF brand being the only wine cellar in South Africa to use Afrikaans-only names. The non-serious attitude has also led to a well-loved reputation as a fun and laid-back winery, with the owner commenting that "while we don't take ourselves seriously we're serious about making good wines”.

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Hermanuspietersfontein Winery
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Before: Challenges and Opportunities

We needed software that could save us time and resources by bringing all the necessary information into one report.

As we have numerous different aspects in our business, from agriculture, manufacturing, and distribution, we required a system that could be flexible to our needs.

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SEIDOR Africa was our partner of choice due to their system knowledge on SAP Business One.

SEIDOR Africa assisted us in creating a customised system that fits our business.

SAP Business one gives us all the different capabilities needed for accounting and business software in one package.

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After: Value-Driven Results

Makes it possible for us to focus on our core business.

Incorporating customised BI analysis and dashboard systems into our business day to day.


SAP Business One gives Soill the ability to grow and adapt as needed

"SAP Business One assist us in getting all the different working parts to work together for one goal”.

George Turk, Snr Business Analyst, Soill.


Kenya Nut Company is nuts over SAP Business One

"It was an easy decision to make"

Michael Mwaniki, Head of Finance, Kenya Nut Company.

Goede Hoop and SAP Business One bear fruit

"I think we've got the correct basis of software to grow."

Gys Van Wyk, IT Manager, Goede Hoop Citrus (Pty) Ltd.

Citrusdal - Goede Hoop