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01 June 2023

Achieving Business Success: The Role of Strategic Planning, Risk Management, Governance, and Compliance

Strategic planning, risk management, and governance are critical components of any successful organization. However, many organizations struggle to implement a holistic approach to these functions, which can hinder effective decision-making at the executive level and prevent the organization from executing its strategy while managing risks and ensuring compliance with industry standards.


To identify whether your organization is missing out on an opportunity to optimize its approach, there are several signs to look out for:


  • A lack of a governance structure that holds different aspects of the strategic plan together and sets the execution roadmap

  • No visibility or clarity of how the governance principles are being executed

Risk Management:

  • Failure to consider external and internal risk factors that could make or break the strategy

  • A lack of contingency planning when it comes to risk mitigation

  • Failure to derive corporate and operational initiatives from risk mitigation actions

Performance Monitoring:

  • Difficulty converting strategic plans into actions

  • Failure to link employee performance and incentives to the corporate strategy

  • Getting lost in the operational details and losing sight of the corporate roadmap

  • A lack of continuous monitoring and realignment


  • Failure to identify compliance metrics and factor them into planning and execution procedures

  • A lack of means to monitor adherence to critical industry-relevant compliance aspects within the organization


To achieve success, organizations can digitalize key aspects of their business and create a "Digital Twin" that effectively maps the various functions, processes, and people of the organization, automating processes, creating workflows, and connecting all data into a single source of truth.

The Corporater Business Management Platform is a market-leading solution that combines unique capabilities required for enabling a sustainable, efficient, and effective GRC program aligned with strategy and performance, all within a single platform. By breaking down silos, GRC can come to the rescue and help organizations achieve success.

With the powerful partnership of Clariba SEIDOR and Corporater, your company can take strides towards success - ensuring you remain competitive in today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape.


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