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22 April 2024


SEIDOR, a global technology consulting firm with a significant presence in 45 countries, announces that it has been recognized by SAP with three awards at the Pinnacle Awards

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14 March 2024

Joint Forces for Digital Transformation: SEIDOR, emaratech, and SAP's Collaborative Journey

In the rapidly evolving landscape of technology and digital innovation, strategic partnerships between industry leaders are not just milestones; they are blueprints for the future. SEIDOR, emaratech, and SAP are leading the charge in the United Arab Emirates, forging a partnership

21 February 2024

Malia Group partners with SEIDOR to drive growth, sustainability and global expansion.

Malia Group is a well-known regional leader in pharmaceuticals, personal care, and FMCG products embraces the transformative digital journey, leveraging SAP's cloud-based solutions to fuel their growth while aligning with their commitment to sustainability.

09 January 2024

BCI and SEIDOR MENA's Journey on SAP S/4HANA

From the beginning, it was clear that the implementation journey would be a challenging one. The project required a comprehensive understanding of BCI's business processes, workflows, and policies, which had to be reconfigured and optimized to fit the new system's requirements.

29 May 2023

4 Reasons Businesses Are Switching To Corporater For Strategy & Performance Management

In today’s business landscape, tracking the performance of your strategy is crucial in order to remain competitive. But with so many different strategic and performance management tools available on the market, it can be difficult to identify which is the right one for your needs.

13 April 2023

SAP Delivery Excellence Award 2023

And yet again, SEIDOR MENA was honored with the prestigious SAP Delivery Excellence Award during the MEA South Executive Partner Kickoff Meeting 2023 held in Dubai. The award ceremony recognized SEIDOR's outstanding contribution to delivering top-notch SAP solutions to its clients in the region, along with its relentless commitment to excellence and customer satisfaction.

23 February 2023

A 5-stage roadmap to successfully implementing GPRC in your organization

Implementing an integrated GPRC strategy aims to synchronize each of these four components, giving leadership greater visibility and insight into the interdependencies between them, and resulting in improved outputs across the board.