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UAE GDPR compliance

30 January 2023

Getting Ready for UAE GDPR - The new road to maintaining happy and data protected customers

UAE GDPR compliance is the new road to ensuring customers’ data remains protected and secure. Companies within the UAE must adhere to the strict regulations set forth by GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) which require businesses to handle customer data with care and take appropriate steps to ensure its security. The UAE has indeed its own version of GDPR which requires companies within their jurisdiction to comply with specific requirements, such as processing personal data lawfully, fairly, and transparently; informing customers of their rights; securely storing customer data; and more. Additionally, companies must also ensure that customers have given explicit consent for any processing of their data in order for it to be lawful.

SAP CX, Emarsys, Gigya CIAM, and Consent Management are solutions that can help companies become compliant with UAE GDPR. SAP Emarsys provides a platform for managing customer relations across all channels, giving companies an integrated view of their customers and enabling them to deliver tailored experiences that meet customer expectations. Gigya CIAM provides user identity management solutions that enable businesses to authenticate and manage users’ identities across multiple devices seamlessly while protecting user privacy. Consent Management enables businesses to securely manage user consents across multiple channels so they can remain compliant with privacy regulations. Read more about SAP GIGYA Solution

These solutions provide a reliable way for businesses to securely process and store customer data. Additionally, they help ensure that customers are aware of their rights when it comes to the use of their personal information by providing timely notifications regarding potential changes in policy or usage of customers’ data. Furthermore, these solutions also allow companies to establish an easily accessible mechanism for customers to manage how their data is being used and shared. This guarantees that customers remain informed about the use of their private information, helping them trust businesses with handling data responsibly and securely.

By implementing these solutions within the organizations, companies can ensure they are taking the necessary steps towards understanding, adhering to, and maintaining compliance with customers’ requirements, providing peace of mind when it comes to protecting customer data while also creating a better overall experience for users interacting with their digital products.

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