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10 February 2023

How Can I Find More Customers?

SAP Emarsys Customer Engagement is the omnichannel customer engagement solution from the SAP Customer Experience portfolio. It empowers marketers to build, launch, and scale real-time, personalized marketing campaigns that grow CLTV with intelligent omnichannel interactions.

SAP Emarsys is the omnichannel customer retention solution from SAP CX portfolio that provides personalized, real-time engagements at scale. It helps empowers to increase customer retention and loyalty by delivering timely, relevant messages to their customers. SAP Emarsys’ powerful solution allows companies to personalize marketing campaigns that grow CLTV with intelligent omnichannel interactions, analyze them in aggregate, and then use that information to create targeted communications.

Here are five ways you can use SAP Emarsys to increase customer retention:

1. Segmented Messaging: SAP Emarsys enables you to break your user base into small segments based on demographic data or behavioural patterns, and then send them personalized messages tailored specifically for each segment. This helps you reach out to more customers with a more targeted message that resonates with them more effectively than generic messaging would.

2. Real-Time Triggering: SAP Emarsys offers real-time triggering capabilities so that as soon as an event happens such as a purchase or website visit, the appropriate response is delivered immediately rather than waiting for the next scheduled batch message.

3. Multi-Channel Delivery: SAP Emarsys enables companies to deliver messages through multiple channels including email, web notifications, push notifications and SMS in order to maximize the reach of their marketing efforts.

4. Automated Responses: When using SAP Emarsys companies can set up automated responses based on certain triggers such as when a customer makes a purchase or visits the website again after a period of time inactivity–this allows companies to engage with their customers without having to manually monitor activity every day.

5. Predictive Analysis: The predictive analytics capabilities of SAP Emarsys allow businesses to identify trends within customer behavior so they can better understand what drives engagement and loyalty from their users and how they can best meet their needs regardless of any changes in sentiment over time.

These features of SAP Emarsys make it an ideal choice for any business looking for an effective way to increase customer retention by providing personalized experiences at scale. By utilizing these five strategies, any business will be able to create meaningful relationships with its customers that drive loyalty and increased sales in the long run.

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