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29 May 2023

4 Reasons Businesses Are Switching To Corporater For Strategy & Performance Management

In today’s business landscape, tracking the performance of your strategy is crucial in order to remain competitive. But with so many different strategic and performance management tools available on the market, it can be difficult to identify which is the right one for your needs.

As a Corporater partner, Clariba SEIDOR has extensive experience in this area, gleaned through numerous successful implementations for businesses across the globe. Here, we’ve shared the four most compelling reasons that businesses choose Corporater.

1. Customizability

Unlike some other tools in the strategy and performance management space, Corporater does not rely on a specific strategic model. Whether your business uses traditional balanced scorecards or a completely bespoke model, Corporater can be configured to accommodate it. With Corporater, you no longer need to adjust your strategic model to fit the technical capabilities of the software, instead, the software will be molded to your strategic model’s specifications, making it much easier to adopt the solution without changing your day-to-day workflows or creating a steep learning curve for your teams.

2. Versatility

Corporater’s functionality extends far beyond simple strategy & performance management. It can be used for governance, risk management, compliance, planning, reporting, visualization of data, and a host of other possibilities. Corporater is a framework which allows experts to apply highly specific, niche use cases, via an intuitive web interface. Whether your requirement is to view and analyze the high-level strategic performance of your business or to manage and mitigate corporate risks, Corporater provides you with the tools you need to get the job done.

3. Scalability

There is no limit to the level of detail you can reach using Corporater — it’s used by companies of all sizes to capture different levels of granularity, from overall summaries of your strategic milestones, down to the performance of individual employees. This is facilitated by Corporater’s second-to-none ability to aggregate performance data in a hierarchical manner, allowing true visibility of your company’s performance at each and every level of the organizational structure. Corporater’s architecture also allows for incremental improvements over time, meaning that you can expand and grow the scope of the platform as you scale and grow.

4. Visibility

In some cases, the visibility of a company’s overall strategy is limited, meaning that employees are often working without a clear sense of strategic direction. Adopting Corporater puts your business strategy at the forefront of your employees’ day-to-day activities, providing them with a sense of direction, and improving the overall visibility of the strategic goals of the business. Corporater also allows for the designation of users as responsible for certain tasks, and the implementation of due dates, increasing company-wide accountability and promoting individual ownership of specific organizational goals.

When implemented by expert partners, Corporater is a turnkey solution that can truly transform your business for the better, and future-proof your strategy & performance management needs.


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