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Procurement & Sourcing with SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba is an intelligent sourcing and procurement platform that streamlines and optimizes the procurement process, ultimately leading to better cost savings and business outcomes for organizations.

Procurement & Sourcing with SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba is an intelligent sourcing and procurement platform that streamlines and optimizes the procurement process, ultimately leading to better cost savings and business outcomes for organizations.

What is SAP Ariba?

SAP Ariba is an intelligent sourcing and procurement platform that streamlines and optimizes the procurement process, ultimately leading to better cost savings and business outcomes for organizations. It offers a comprehensive suite of solutions to help businesses effectively manage their end-to-end procurement lifecycle, from sourcing to purchasing and invoicing.

Ability to provide real-time visibility into supplier performance, enabling businesses to make informed decisions and take actions to improve supplier relationships

Benefits of SAP Ariba

With Ariba, businesses gain access to a digital marketplace of over 4 million suppliers, which promotes greater competition and allows organizations to negotiate better prices and terms.

Why SAP Ariba

SAP Ariba is designed to be scalable and flexible, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries. Its mobile-friendly platform allows users to easily manage procurement activities on-the-go, and its integration with other SAP products such as SAP S/4HANA, provides a seamless end-to-end procurement process.

SAP Ariba Flexibility

What's new in Spend Management?


SAP Ariba Source to Contract Suite. Manage indirect sourcing, contracts, and suppliers with a single solution. Simplify content creation using features


Optimize indirect sourcing processes to improve margins, cut costs, and reduce risk. SAP Ariba Source-to-Contract Suite offers a cloud-based integrated solution on guided sourcing


Execute sourcing events, use constraint-based optimization scenarios, and apply tools such as event scoring and feedback. Manage event using AI and ML


Enhance compliance and stop contract leakage by managing procurement and sales contracts with integrated supplier and contract management

SAP Related Solutions

SAP Solutions are robust that offers a wide range of benefits to organizations seeking to optimize their procurement process.

What is SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing?

With advanced tools to automate manual processes and support close collaboration with suppliers, the SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing solution can help you streamline procure-to-pay processes across your organization.

This user friendly, cloud solution can help you make procurement faster, reduce errors and cut costs

Frequently Asked Questions

What is procure to pay (P2P)?

Procure to pay is the process that integrates purchasing and accounts payable systems. It’s part of the wider procurement management process and involves four key stages:

  1. Selection of goods and services
  2. Enforcement of compliance and order
  3. Receiving and reconciliation
  4. Invoicing and payment

Digitalizing your procure-to-pay process with procure-to-pay software can strengthen compliance and control among vendors, contracts, regulations, buyers, and accounts payable. Procure-to-pay solutions help you automate processes so you can buy from preferred suppliers at negotiated prices without manual paperwork. This helps you actively control and improve global spend, reduce manual errors, streamline catalog maintenance, and speed up approval of new suppliers.

What is SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing?

SAP Ariba Buying and Invoicing is a software-as-a-service solution. It provides ease of use, compliance, and flexibility throughout the procure-to-pay process. From small, growing companies to large enterprises, this procure-to-pay software helps organizations streamline catalog maintenance, simplify commerce, and efficiently manage workflows for procure to pay.

Intuitive tools provide users with straightforward ways to search for goods and services. Meanwhile, guided buying functionality, preconfigured approval workflows, budget checks, and contract management capabilities help ensure compliant spend.

The procure-to-pay solution also enables the creation and validation of invoices from buyers, suppliers, and third parties. Based on user-defined business rules, invoices are systematically matched against POs, contracts, and receipts with invalid invoices sent back to suppliers. After validation, the procure-to-pay solution begins exception handling and workflow approval, which includes automatic escalation and delegation to help ensure that invoices are processed quickly and effectively. After final approval, invoices can be directly linked to your integrated payment process.

Is procure to pay the same as accounts payable?

Procure to pay is not the same as accounts payable. Procure to pay is the end-to-end process that enables procurement and accounts payable teams to buy and then pay vendors for goods or services. Organizations often use procure-to-pay software to digitalize and automate key procure-to-pay activities while guiding buyers to comply with procurement rules. The invoice management and payment steps of the procure-to-pay process are handled by the accounts payable team.

SAP Ariba Capabilities

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Seamless Procurement

Streamlines procurement processes by automating key workflows and managing supplier information in a single platform


Onboard new suppliers

Enables businesses to find and onboard new suppliers with ease, expanding their supply chain network

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Sourcing options

Offers a range of sourcing options, such as reverse auctions and RFx, to help businesses find the best deals and negotiate optimal contracts

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Real time insights

Provides users with real-time insights into procurement spend and supplier performance, empowering informed decision-making

Machine Learning

Leverages machine learning to help identify areas for cost savings and drive optimization across procurement processes


Flexible and Agile

The solution is highly configurable, enabling organizations to tailor it to their specific needs and requirements, providing flexibility and agility

What are the functions of SAP Ariba?

SAP Ariba offers following solutions for its customers:

SAP Ariba Strategic Sourcing

Sourcing for Direct and Indirect spend. This involves identifying the best possible suppliers

SAP Ariba Buying

PO2 Solution. Improved productivity, better supply chain management, and cost savings.

SAP Ariba Guided Buying

Rely on Guided buying. Best-in-class performance and scalability

SAP Ariba Catalog

Choose the best from the catalog

SAP Ariba Network

World’s largest network of suppliers and vendors

SAP Ariba Invoice Management

Manage Invoices accurately. Ensure that the solution can handle the most complex procurement processes

SAP Ariba buying and invoicing

Control buying and invoicing process through robust system

SAP Ariba Supplier Management

Efficient Supplier Management with latest AI capabilities

SAP Ariba Spend Analysis

Better spent visibility for faster decisions backed with AI