The Chemistry of Life: at SEIDOR, we have a team with the knowledge and desire to help you and your business, including basic chemicals, fine chemicals, intermediate chemicals and the purest pharma, always with the passion of sharing the growth of your processes.

A broad industry whose core processes are related to process production, quality control, traceability and management of dangerous substances and goods.

In general, the chemical Industry faces difficulty arising from the need to comply with regulations in the management of substances and their identification, transport and storage.

SEIDOR Chemicals is a pre-configured system that takes into consideration the particularities of the sector, such as management, storage and traceability of production batches, quality control, transport of hazardous substances, processes oriented to packaging in various formats and management of tanks and their distribution by land, sea or air.

Challenges of the sector


Total traceability


End-to-end quality management


Transport and distribution of hazardous substances




Sustainability and security


Manufacture of active substances

marco normativo

Special Taxes


Foreign trade

Infraestructura flexible y segura
Infraestructura flexible y segura
Infraestructura flexible y segura
Infraestructura flexible y segura
Infraestructura flexible y segura
Infraestructura flexible y segura
Infraestructura flexible y segura



Calidad Integral




Gestión de de costes

Drag and drop

Innovation and Regulatory

Certified Masters
R&D&i Formulation
Audit Trail
Digital Signature
Access Control and SoD
Product Safety

Stock traceability and management

Batch Classification
Top-down and bottom-up traceability
History: richness, active ingredients, derivatives, etc.
Locations, Strategies and RF
Stock by type of container and tanks.

Calidad Integral y Equipos

Inspections (Reception, CPI, PPC, etc.)
Non-conformance (OOS, OOT, etc.)
Sample library and locations
Product specifications
Stability studies
LIMS Integrations
Surface/environment analysis.

Proveedores y Aprovisionamiento

Cualificación producto / Proveedor / Fabricante
Homologación y evaluación de proveedor / Fabricante
Gestión integral Solicitud Pedido, Oferta, Contratos, Pedidos y Planes de Entrega
Regulación por cuotas

Planificación y Producción

Demanda y pronósticos
MPS / MRP seguimiento de infracoberturas
Fabricación Batch: Stock / Pedido. Continua
Versiones de Fabricación
Integración MES, IOT
Guía de fabricación
Gestión líneas de envasado y reactores

Ventas y distribución

Promociones y precios.
Movilidad fuerza ventas.
Determinación lotes por especificaciones cliente
Facturación electrónica
Nivel de servicio
Control envases en cliente

Analítica Gestión de costes

Análisis rentabilidad por Negocio, Producto, lote cliente, zona…
Gestión Multicompañía.
Coste producto Legal Entity & Grupo.
Control diferencias precio & Coste real SKU
Cierres globales Grupo