Success stories for SMEs

Success stories for SMEs

Discover the most notable success stories at the international level with companies that use SAP Business One. Find out first-hand about all the implementation processes that were completed, how customers resolved their problems and the benefits achieved.

Optimisation of the administrative processes of the Chilean Chamber of Construction with SAP Business One.

The CCHC is a trade association with the primary objective of promoting the development of the construction business as a fundamental lever for the country's development in the context of a social market economy based on private initiative.

Lemaco implemented SAP Business One to obtain real-time information on its movements and operations.

Resource optimisation to obtain quality information in real time. With the old system, operational data was obtained too late, and it became a costly, titanic task to obtain operational data, cost reports, reporting etc.

Avanzando y creciendo con SAP Business One

Seidor fue crucial para que la transición funcionara con éxito. El inicio con SAP Business One fue de forma rotativa y no se detuvo durante todo el proceso de implementación.

Technology joins nature and the field with SAP Business One

Jorge Schmidt is the largest producer of avocados in Chile, with around 3,700 hectares of avocados, 988 of citrus fruits and 741 of table grapes. They are currently in the process of implementing the Axis One Add-on for remuneration monitoring, which is fundamental to the agricultural business. Agricultural engineers are also implementing agricultural management software with geo-referencing that is compatible with SAP Business One.

Consolidation of processes and security with SAP Business One

E-Money has been on the market for over fifteen years, delivering communication and IT security solutions to the main national and multinational companies based in Chile

SAP Business One - Ethon Pharmaceuticals - Seidor Group Chile

Eton Pharmaceuticals is a fully integrated company
that builds and develops strategic business relationships
with manufacturers of high-quality medicines worldwide